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Reika Hexe
Zoids BL Reika.JPG
Appearances Zoids: Battle Legends
Debut Zoids: Battle Legends
Affiliation Terra Geist
Primary Zoids Death Saurer
Madthunder (Republic Mission mode)
Ultrasaurus (Empire Mission Mode)
Japanese Name レイカ ?? (Reika Hexe)
Voice Actors Misa Watanabe (Japanese)
Wendee Lee (English)

Now let us see how good you are!

—Reika Hexe

Commander Reika Hexe is one of the characters in Zoids VS II (Zoids: Battle Legends in English version). She is the second main antagonist.


Little is known about Reika, other than that she was Gard Krueger's mistress. She served with her lover until his climatic battle against Blue Unicorn and Rottiger, where later reports said that Gard was either missing or dead. But when this happened, Reika vowed her revenge against the two Republican and Imperial organizations, and she becomes Gard's new successor.

During the missions of Blue Unicorn and Rottiger, she was out manipulating them in effort to raise the potential of Gard's ambitions. Where she stole two ZOS Units from the Diablo Tiger and Cyclops. She then uses this to manipulate extra power from extra powerful Zoids.

During the final battle against Blue Unicorn and Rottiger, her Madthunder / Ultrasaurus was destroyed during the battle. But after this climatic battle, it is unknown what happened to her. She was later declared MIA (Missing In Action).


Reika is shown to have a manipulative personality, shown when she taunts Kouki and Shoma after they defeat her subordinates about how she manipulated the Republic and Empire to initially fight each other. Reika is likely a good, or at least a charasmatic leader as she picks up the mantle of leadership when Gard dissapeared. This is shown in being able to call upon many zoid warriors to fight for her, and the loyalty of which they fight. As those before her within the Terra Giest orginization, she vows to bring vengeance against the Republic and Empire.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

For some reason, Reika is only ever seen piloting extra-large Zoids. She first pilots a Bloody Death Saurer which is backed up by two Elephanders, and only defeated when the player receives back up from their respective faction. Later, she is shown to have a Seismosaurus, but she places Lezard in charge of the massive zoid (though she does pilot it in Arcade Mode). In the final battle, she also uses a Madthunder (Republic), and also the Ultrasaurus (Empire).


Since Reika is an ambitious woman, she is very loyal to her subordinates;

Gard: Since Gard becomes the leader of Terra Geist, it is shown that he loves Reika, in turn, Reika is shown to have deeper feelings with Gard. But when Gard was either missing or dead. She vows revenge against Blue Unicorn and Rottiger.

Leviathe: Leviathe is shown to be loyal at Reika. Leviathe is shown to obey her without question.

Lezard: Even though Lezard didn't interact with her. Reika puts him in command of her Seismosaurus.

Zoids Battle Legends Entry[]

The following text pertains to information sourced from the game Zoids Battle Legends.

"An official of Terra Geist, an organization that plots to revive Zenebas. She replaces Viper, the leader, and initiates attacks against the Republic and Empire Forces."