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Reynard is a minor character in Zoids: Fuzors.

FZ Reynard.JPG
Reynard (right) talking to Burton
Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 18
Affiliation Himself
Primary Zoids Flyscissors
Japanese Name Same
Voice Actors Nobuo Tobita in Japanese version
Scott McNeil in English Version


Rastani's older brother, Reynard is a skilled scientist who wanted his brother to follow in his footsteps. When Rastani became a Zoid pilot, a rift formed between the two, leaving Reynard embittered and envious. He created the Chimera Dragon, and used it to take control of the Black Impact team from his brother. He is revealed to be yet another subordinate of Alpha as he was seen talking to Burton and later being talked about by Sandra and Alpha. The data from the Chimera Dragon was used later on for the Scissor Storm and Laser Storm BLOX.


Reynard is shown to be an eccentric, inhuman person. He fights using his Chimera Blox, powered by an AI, and sees battle in a detached, businessman-like manner. Although Rastani and Reynard are close brothers, the professional and philosophical differences between the two had caused significant tension, and lead to Reynard's eventual (literally) hostile takeover of Rastani's team.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Reynard never piloted a Zoid personally, but used the Artificial Intelligence system he had developed to make his Zoids fight on his behalf. Through this AI, he is shown to manipulate the four Chimera Zoids; Flyscissors, Demonshead, Diploguns, and Shellkarn. These four Zoids are used to form the four-part-Fuzor, the Chimera Dragon, which, while powerful, had a surprisingly simple AI, and was easily confused by RD, allowing it to be defeated. The data of the Chimera Dragon were later used by Alpha's Scissor and Laser Storm BLOX.


Reynard has unique relationships with the following characters;

RD: RD disapproves his inhuman behavior, and dislikes him for controlling Zoids through computer programs.

Rastani: When Reynard took over his team, Rastani's belief in his principles and abilities as a (top) Zi Fighter were shaken. He was outraged by his brother's use of AI Zoids, but was powerless to stop him.

Burton: Burton seems to approve his performance when operating his unmanned BLOX Zoids. It is implied that Reynard is friends with Burton.

Sandra: After Reynard's Chimera BLOX were destroyed at the hands of RD, it was revealed that Sandra who had been gloating about his insignificant failure. As she had told Alpha about it, she stated that "his Zoids are in the rubbish!".