Robo Strux (Also written as RoboStrux) was the second incarnation of the Zoids line seen in America and consisted entirely of recolours with no new kits.

Robo Strux
Robo Strux logo
Logo from Brox package
Start Date 1985
End Date 1986
Includes Zoids From Zoids (OJR, OER, OAR)
Regions America


All of the Zoids in the Robo Strux line were recoloured from their previous releases. Two factions were released, coloured blue and red. These were respectively named "Blue Guardians" and "Red Mutants". The Blue Guardian Zoids were coloured in blue, teal and silver (sometimes also navy blue) with red canopies, while the Red Mutant Zoids were red, beige and tan with green canopies.

The battery operated models all included one sprue of chromed weapons (gold for Red Mutant Zoids and silver for Blue Guardian Zoids).

Radox and Badox were given such a weapon set even though no extra weapons were included with their original counterparts.

Although each Robo Strux Zoid was given a new sticker sheet, oddly enough the faction stickers included were the same as their Japanese counterparts and as such bear no relation to each kit's faction.


Spanning from 1985 to 1986, Robo Strux was relatively short lived. 18 different models made it to a full release, with 2 more being released without being recoloured. 4 extra Zoids are known to be related to the Robo Strux release, but did not see full release.

Most of the models can be found in 2 different versions, one in its unique Robo Strux colouration and one in its European form. Similarly, box art can either be uniquely Robo Strux or recycled European box art with the Robo Strux logo (the box style is generally no indication of the colour of the kit within). Additionally, black & silver versions of Rado and Lizar can be seen on the backs of certain boxes - these colours were not released.


The Red Mutants consisted of 7 models:

The Blue Guardians consisted of 9 models:

Released without Recolour:

Another four models did not see wide release:

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