Rosa at the helm of a Godos
Appearances Zoids: Chaotic Century
Zoids: Guardian Force
Debut Episode 11
Primary Zoids Godos
Japanese Name Rosa
Voice Actors Katie Rowan (English)

Rosa is a fictional character from Zoids: Chaotic Century and Zoids: Guardian Force. She is Viola's younger sister.


Rosa is Viola's younger sister and a resident of Mt. Iselina


Rosa appears in the Chaotic Century Manga, she resides in Solelle Mountain and pilots a Battle Rover inherited from her grandfather Giovanni. She looks after the children on the mountain, and takes them to school. Her main occupation is looking after Zoids known as Solbatross, which had a rookery on the mountain. In the manga, Rosa's surname is Montague.


Rosa is a kind person, who has experienced a sheltered life inside the village on Mt. Iselina.

Ability as a Zoid PilotEdit

Rosa is only seen piloting in a civilian role, using a Godos as her primary Zoid. She does confront the Death Stinger, although she lacked any way of damaging the Zoid.


Viola: Rosa greatly respects her sister, and believed Viola to be a member of the Imperial Army (not knowing that she had since joined Rosso's group of mercenary bandits). Viola later saves Rosa from the Death Stinger.

Van Flyheight: Rosa instantly draws close to Van, as he shared his stores of life outside Mt. Iselina. However, Van was forced to lie to Rosa, in order to protect Rosa's image of her sister.

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