Sally Land
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Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Zoids: Wild ZERO Episode 1
Affiliation TBA
Primary Zoids TBA
Japanese Name サリー・ランド Sally Land
Voice Actors 千田葉月

Sally Land is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild ZERO. She is one of the main protagonists.


Sally Land is a major female protagonist.

Zoids Wild ZEROEdit

Sally Land is introduced in episode 1, where she is a girl fleeing the Empire.

Initially, she has difficulty breathing on her own. Buzz Cunningham suspects she is a member of the "1st generation". In the first episode, she awakens the Beast Liger as Leo confronts the Empire forces. This cures her of her breathing problems.

It is revealed that Sally is indeed a 1st generation migrant to Earth. She and her grandfather Walter Borman, migrated from Planet Zi and were supposed to be the last two people to enter deep sleep for the long journey to Earth. Her grandfather was in charge of Zi-Forming, a task to regenerate the Earth to a habitable state.

However, the ship she was on ended up being hijacked by a group of mutineers. Sally and Borman escaped the vessel and enter deep sleep. They arrived on Earth approximately 30 years after the first immigrants, roughly 1 year before the start of the series.

This means Sally is much older than she appears, her ageing was stalled while deep sleep.

Upon arrival to Earth Borman found that the Zi-Forming had failed and gave Sally a pendant before vanishing to flee the Empire.

Her pendant is a crucially important device, it has several major roles in the series. It awakens the Zoid Factor in Leo Conrad (and later Frank Land), it also identifies the location of Regeneration Cubes. Finally, it can also be used as an unlimited source of energy for the Omega Rex's Charged Particle Cannon. The latter is the predominant reason the Empire was chasing her. It's also the reason Borman insisted she not hand it (or herself) over to the Empire.


Sally Land first appeared as a damsel in distress, who was held captive by the imperial soldiers led by Luc. Upon bein resciued by Leo and Buzz, she began developing a new romantic relationship with Leo Conrad. Upon her freetime, Sally Land is a friendly, cheerful-hearted young girl, who loves spending time with her friends, including Jo Aysel.




Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit



  • The voice actor for Sally Land, Hazuki Senda, performs the first Japanese ending theme "Hikari".
  • Sally's mother Krysta (クリスタ) had artwork revealed on the Zoids twitter feed for Mother's Day 2020.
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