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Sarah - new century.png
Appearances Zoids: New Century
Debut Episode 23: The Dragon Awakens - The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray
Affiliation Backdraft Group
Primary Zoids None
Japanese Name サラ
Voice Actors Ellen Kennedy (English)
Keiko Aizawa (Japanese)

Sarah is a fictional character from Zoids: New Century. She is a high ranking member of the Backdraft Group, and Vega Obscura's handler.


As Vega's handler, she is seen coordinating all of his actions, and preparing him for combat. Her role is very motherly, although her precise connection to Vega is unclear.

She quickly rises within the Backdraft ranks, and is given authority to command a direct assault on the Zoids Battle Commission. She oversees the destruction of their Judge Satellites and Charged Particle Cannon attack on the very HQ itself.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Sarah is not seen piloting any Zoids directly. However, as Vega's overseer, she constantly monitors all of his in-battle actions. She is seen intervening in his actions, preventing him from using the self-destructive Charged Particle Cannon before the Berserk Fury was properly equipped.


Altile: Sarah only appears briefly in the series, but quickly piggybacks on the prolonged work of Altile's research. She uses his discovery of the Ultimate X, the Berserk Fury and receives the majority of the credit for coupling it with Vega. Altile is resentful of this, and he even goes so far as to attempt the assassination of Vega to remove her from his deserved position.

Vega: Though usually cold and severe, she exhibits a maternal side towards Vega; he is the only thing she really cares about. Even after being shot down by the Zoid Battle Commission, she cared not about the safety of the Backdraft, but only that of Vega himself.

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