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Schnell Courage is a character in the Nintendo GameCube game Zoids: Full Metal Crash. He is one of the main antagonists, and enemy of Berg Virenskraft for the majority of the story.

Schnell Courage
TT FMC Schnell.png
Schnell as he appears in the original artwork.
Appearances Zoids: Full Metal Crash
Debut Zoids: Full Metal Crash
Affiliation Helic Republic
Glorie & Gaitz
Primary Zoids Murasame Liger
Blue Geno Breaker
Japanese Name シュネル・クラージュ
(Schnell Courage(??))
Voice Actors


Schnell is first seen as a rival to the main character Berg, serving as an ace pilot for the Helic Republic. Later, he becomes an antagonist working for Gaitz and Glorie.


Since Schnell serves with Gaitz, he doesn't hesitate to do his dirty work of defeating Berg and company, he only deals with Berg time to time, since Schnell sought his redemption, he still doesn't hesitate of betraying Glorie and Gaitz, and helping Berg defeating them by lending him his Murasame Liger.


Original Art[]

Full Metal Crash Digital Art[]

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Schnell initially pilots a Murasame Liger and in one instance, upgrades it to a Murasame Liger Shinobi Custom. He also has a blue Geno Breaker (not to be confused with a Psycho Geno Saurer) which he uses after lending his Murasame Liger to Berg.


Schnell has relationships with the following characters:

Berg: At first, Berg and Schnell start out as bitter rivals, where he first charged him with his Murasame Liger. But by the end of the plot, Schnell seeks redemption as he lends Berg his Murasame Liger to defeat Glorie and Gaitz.

Glorie: Initially, Schnell looks down at Glorie, despite this, they are in respective terms. Later, Glorie becomes angry with Schnell when he betrays Gaitz.

Gaitz: Schnell is very loyal to Gaitz. He never hesitates to do Gaitz's bidding of defeating Berg and Company. Like Glorie, Gaitz also becomes angry when Schnell double-crosses him.