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A character from the UK Zoids comics, Silverman was a robot masquerading as a human until leaving the survivors of Celeste. Cybersol's creation, Silverman acts as a main protagonist rebuilding himself on several occasions in an attempt to conquer Zoidstar. His most powerful form was the Black Zoid.

Black ZoidEdit

After being defeated by Heller, Silverman retreats to a Zoid graveyard where he uses various parts to make himself a war machine. He soon became the Black Zoid, an insect-like mutation capable of crushing nearly every opponent on Zoidstar. Zunder discovers the Black Zoid indeed destroyed the Blue leader, Zoidzilla. It took the combined force of Gore, Gorgon, and the recently revived Zoidzilla piloted by Griff to take down the Black Zoid. Heller dealt the final blow to Silverman's head though the end of the comic showed Silverman's arm twitching.

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