Zoids Shop Exclusive is a limited release into Zoids stores.

Zoids Shop Exclusive
special color version
Start Date 2003
End Date 2003
Includes Zoids From
Regions Japan



The box for the Unenlagia and Mosasledge double pack.

The term "Special Color" was used to describe several different limited releases, supposedly shop exclusives. All kits under this series were released in special grayscale boxes and even included a couple of double packs, in the case of the Matrix Dragon BLOX.


The limited versions of these Zoids could be identified by the black / colorless double pack boxes which stated "Special Color Version". The Unenlagia and Mosasledge were identified as "Special Color Version Metalsilver" while Leoblaze and Nightwise were identified as "Special Color Version Gold".


  • Geno Saurer (Special Color Clear Black)
  • Leoblaze (Special Color Version Gold)
  • Nightwise (Special Color Version Gold)
  • Mosasledge (Special Color Version Metalsilver)
  • Unenlagia (Special Color Version Metalsilver)
  • Saber Tiger (Special Color Version Gold)
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