This article is about the Zoid line that featured in the comic series. The Zoids themselves were packaged under the generic name "Zoids"

Spider-Man and Zoids is a line of UK Zoids, with a comic as backstory.

Spider-Man and Zoids.
Spider-Man and Zoids.
Start Date March 1986 (comic)
End Date February 1987 (comic)
Includes Zoids From Mechabonica
Regions UK


The line follows a detailed backstory, seen in the comic, and has two factions. The Blue Zoids and the Red Zoids.

The Red Mutants, headed by Redhorn the Terrible. Earlier Zoids were grouped together under the title of Blue Zoids and were led by the Mighty Zoidzilla and the two factions went to war.

Later, the comic moved on to introduce a new faction headed by Krark, the Prince of Darkness (Salamander), a ferocious winged Red Zoid who believed all Zoids should unite and conquer the galaxy.

Super 1000 Zoids were introduced as 'Renegade Zoids' whose task it was to battle against Krark's united Zoid army. It would appear that they were initially going to have new colour schemes but the decline of the line's popularity meant that such a move wouldn't be cost-effective - as a result they were imported straight from Japan's line and were not recoloured or altered in any way


The Line was released in the UK, with the first comic print being in March 1986.


(Names in brackets indicate the original Japanese name of the kit)

Blue GuardiansEdit

Red MutantsEdit

Renegade Zoid ArmyEdit


  • Blue Mammoth.
  • French Green Mammoth.
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