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Störmer is a fictional character in Tomy's version of the Zoids Battle Story. He does not appear in any of the fanbooks, which were written by Shogakukan.

Appearances Battle Story
Debut OJR Zoids Graphics
Affiliation Zenebas Empire
Guylos Empire
Age 17 (as of ZAC 2049)
Primary Zoids Death Saurer Attack Custom
Dark Horn
Japanese Name
Voice Actors


Störmer was the orphan of Gambino, a bodyguard and war hero in the Empire Army. Gambino's men rebelled against Zenebas, disliking the war's effects on their country and Zenebas running it into the ground. They were unsuccessful, and Gambino committed suicide to atone for their actions—leaving behind a letter admonishing Zenebas and his infant son.

Zenebas' was less than pleased, but he showed at least some regret in that he took Störmer in, raising him alongside his own daughter, Elena. Taking after his father, Störmer became known as "the bravest officer in the army"...and secretly hoped to rebuild and better the Empire alongside Elena.

His hopes were crushed with Guylos' betrayal of Zenebas and the absorption of his army. With Elena as a handy hostage, Guylos recruited Störmer as a commander and ace pilot—first using a Dark Horn, then the newly-developed Gilvader. Störmer seems to have lost touch with his idealism (and sanity) in the process, and his last appearance in-story has him laughing as the Gilvader destroys Republic troops.