The Starzeta are a spanish edtion of the Three Mechabonica, the Zoids ancestors. They were released by Feber for the Spanish market in 1983-1984.

Starzeta logo
Start Date 1983
End Date 1984
Includes Zoids From Mechabonica
Regions Spain

Overview Edit

The three toys don't have a specific name, but are numbered Starzeta 1 (Garius), Starzeta 2 (Elephantus), Starzeta 3 (Glidoler). The box art was changed from the Mechabonica versions.

The colours differ from the Mechabonica and Zoids. The grey parts become silver, the caps are brighter, and are even white on Starzeta 3. The blue and black colours are also a little more metallic, and the canopy is more yellow.

Release Edit

The line ran from 1983-1984. Unlike the North American release of the Zoids line in 1982, the line suffered from poor sales, and like Mechabinica, was discontinued after only a year of production.

Zoids Edit

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