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NBZ Stegoganzer
Stegosaurus Type
Dinas Empire
Crew 1
Weight 32.0 tons
Depth 18.7 m
Height 11.5 m
Maximum Speed 160 km/h (99 mph)
Weapons Bite Fang, Strike Laser Claw (4), Long Ganzer Cannon (2)
Equipment Heat Dissipation Fin (15), 3D Radar (4), Hard Protect (4)

The Stegoganzer (ステゴガンツァー, Sutegogantsuā) is a stegosaurus-type of Zoid, a race of biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


The Stegoganzer is the Dinas Empire's primary artillery bombardment Zoid. Its powerful long-range Long Ganzer Cannons generate massive heat that is dissipated by its array of fins. Its main role during the invasion of the Beith Republic is to provide cover fire for attacking Raptojaguars. Like all Dinas Zoids, it has a special cockpit that can detach and operate as an escape pod.

The "ganzer" part of its name seems to be a three-language pun combining "gun" ("gan" in katakana) with "panzer" ("armor" in German).

The Stegoganzer can combine with Raptojaguar and Brachiorakete to form Groundrago, and it is also incorporated (with Raptojaguar and LB Gojulas) into the devastating G2 Rex.

Battle Story Appearances[]

Although the Dinas invasion of the Beith Republic's capital city initially went well, its Groundrago forces were eventually overwhelmed by the superior mobility of the Republic's aerial Bitegriffons. The Groundragos separated into their component Zoids, including Stegoganzers, but despite the Stegoganzer's harrowing fusillades, the Dinas attack was judged to have failed, and the Stegoganzers were withdrawn from the battlefield.



The Stegoganzer was initially released in April 2006 as part of the Neoblox line. It includes one small, one medium and one large Neoblox and a silver-chrome Imperial pilot, although early


releases erroneously included a gold Republic pilot instead.

The Stegoganzer was also released in July 2006 as part of Groundrago and in September as part of G2 Rex.

The majority of Stegoganzer's parts are included with Rapto Caesar.