Stigma Stoller

Captain Stigma Stoller is a fictional character from Zoids: New Century Zero. He was a member of the Backdraft Group and one of Bit Cloud's rivals.

He is voiced by ??? in the Japanese version and Scott McNeil in the English version.


Stoller was a highly respected senior official in the Backdraft Group. He is bound by honour, as is his subordinate, Sanders, as they defected from the Backdraft in order to participate in legitimate battles. Piloting the Elephander, he is one of the strongest warriors the Blitz Team has ever faced. He battled the Blitz Team a total of three times, the first two as a Backdraft member, and the final one as a legitimate warrior.

During his first battle against the Blitz Team, Sanders piloted the Elephander instead, though Stoller guided him through the battle. Despite Stoller's guidance, Sanders was defeated.

He piloted the giant Zoid himself during their second match, set up by the Backdraft to test the skills of Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero. Bit escaped, rearmed his Liger with the Schneider armour and fought again, the match ending with a draw.

By the third battle, Stoller had rearmed his Elephander with the new ESCS equipment, and Bit was forced to revert to the Panzer armour to counter it. They never finished their battle due to being interrupted, but the Elephander was knocked out.


Stoller, being a high-ranking official, had great fortitude. He never fought viciously, often keeping his mood serious but calm, though he did show some frustration during his final match with Bit Cloud when his missiles were unable to down the Zero Panzer. he does, however, admit defeat. He congratulated the Blitz Team on their victory in his first match, and Bit Cloud on his second battle.

Stoller's age is unknown, but he could be anywhere in his late forties or early fifties. He appears about 179 cm (5' 10.5") when standing next to Bit.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot

Stoller shows skill in mid-range bombardment. He can shoot well and also put his missiles to full use in battle. He shows some skill in close combat as well, as seen when his Elephander picked up the Liger Zero and threw it across the battlefield, and when he used the ESCS unit's blade against Bit's Schneider's blades.

Stoller is notable the only pilot to have fought Bit one-on-one in a legitimate battle - Battle Mode 0992 (when facing his other rivals, Bit was often accompanied by his teammates).


Stoller has the following relationships with these people:

Bit: Stoller treats him as a strong opponent, and they respect one another.

Sanders: His subordinate, wherever Stoller is, Sanders is not far off. Sanders defected from the Backdraft along with Stoller.

Altail: Before he left, Stoller looked to Altail as somewhat of a leader, though he did not obey him when he ordered him to kill Bit and the Liger Zero.

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