Captain Stigma Stoller is a fictional character from Zoids: New Century Zero. He was a member of the Backdraft Group and one of Bit Cloud's rivals.

Stigma Stoller
Stigma Stoller
Stigma Stoller
Appearances Zoids: New Century Zero
Debut Zoids: New Century Zero Episode 6
Affiliation BackDraft Team
Age 40-50??
Primary Zoids Elephander
Japanese Name ストラ・スフィグマ
Voice Actors Scott McNeil


Stoller was initially a highly respected senior official in the Backdraft Group. He is bound by honor, as is his subordinate, Sanders, and eventually the pair defect from the Backdraft in order to participate in legitimate battles. Piloting the Elephander, he is one of the strongest warriors the Blitz Team has ever faced. He is involved with three battles against the Blitz team, the first as a commander to Sanders in an unsanctioned battle, which Sanders looses. The second battle he personally fights in the Elephander. He could have won this battle, but pauses and gives Bit a chance to change his armour, ending up in a draw. The third and final battle is a legitimate battle that is interrupted by the Backdraft, and is therefore inconclusive. As such, he is the only warrior that is never defeated by the Blitz team.

At the conclusion of the series, Stoller, Sanders and Pierce are seen briefly together, each having defected from the Backdraft. They are not present in the Royal Cup.

Stoller pilots three different Elephanders, firstly the original one used by the Backdraft. Later the Elephander is customised to wield an ESCS blade/shield in the trunk. Finally, he swaps the back-mounted turret for an Assault-Gatling unit midway through his final battle with the Liger Zero.


Despite being an official of the Backdraft, Stoller operates under a strict moral code, fighting legitimately and fairly in all the battles he participates in (as a pilot or otherwise). He generally does not display a great deal of expression, keeping his mood clam and collected at most times. Despite this, his decisions are influenced by his emotions, particularly his honor, and not only congratulates the Blitz team on their initial victory over the Elephander, but also asks for Bit's name when they finish a brief duel later on in the series. This strong sense of honor eventually takes him to the point of stealing the Elephander and a Whale King from the Backdraft in order to fight Bit in a sanctioned battle.


Stigma Stoller is often seen wearing a dark purple with black and red details. He has grey hair that is parted neatly from the right.

Stoller is about 179 cm (5' 10.5") tall.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot

Stoller is show to have extensive skill in close range combat and is able to best both the basic Zero and later the Zero Schneider in one-on-one combat. He is shown also to use the Elephander's guns, although not enough as to be a useful indicator of skill. Despite this, he down-plays his own abilities, initially rejecting Sander's calls to have him personally pilot the Elephander, pointing out that he had retired and thus was not in his prime. Nonetheless, he is the only pilot never to be defeated by the Blitz team, and may have won on both occasions if not for outside interference in his two battles against Bit.


Stoller has the following relationships with these people:

Bit: Stoller treats him as a strong opponent, and they respect one another.

Sanders: His subordinate, wherever Stoller is, Sanders is not far off. Sanders defected from the Backdraft along with Stoller. Sanders holds much respect for Stoller as a pilot, perhaps even more than Stoller holds for himself.

Altail: Before he left, Stoller was Altail's subordinate, though he disobeyed orders when he was instructed to kill Bit and the Liger Zero.

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