Storm Fury
The boxart of the Storm Unit
Tyrannosaurus Type
Neo-Zenebas Empire
Crew 1
Weight 140 tons
Depth 23.4 m
Height 14.4 m
Maximum Speed 450 km/h
Weapons Electron Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (2), Strike Claws (2), Strike Smash Tail (1), Charged Particle Cannon, Charged Particle Generator (3), X-Breaker (2)
Equipment Changing Armour System (CAS), Vernier Thrusters (10), High Maneuver Thrusters (2), Ion Booster Pack, Sturm Booster (2), Anchors (4), Head Shield

The Storm Unit (Or Sturm Unit, as it was known in the Japanese release) was the first armor unit produced for the Berserk Fury. This is the only Berserk Fury CAS design to have been released as an actual model kit. It is a melee-oriented version of the Berserk Fury, sporting two X-Breakers as its primary weaponry, as well as sporting a drastically increased top speed and improved armor.

Release DetailsEdit

Released as one of the Customise Parts, the Storm Unit was released in 2002 and was discontinued after a short run.

Battle StoryEdit

Utilising its newfound speed, as well as its improved armor, the Storm Unit proved to be an effective match for the Gun Blaster units fielded by the Helic Republic. However, the Zoid placed a great deal of strain on its pilots, and therefore only saw a limited role, notably by the Eisen Dragoons.


The Storm Unit has been seen in several Video Games as an alternate armor for the Berserk Fury. Notably, in Zoids Legacy, the unit was seen with several differences to the model. Firstly, it was called the Strum Fury (presumably a typo of Sturm), but more notably, its stats are quite different to the ones listed on the box. Its length is 22.7m, as opposed to 23.4, its weight is 134 tons, as opposed to 140, and its top speed is 360 km/h, as opposed to 450. These statistics are preserved in other games is the Saga series, so it is not a misnomer created by Legacy's poor translation.

Saga2 Sturm Fury

The Storm Fury, as it appears in Zoids: Legacy.

Zoids SagaEdit


Berserk Führer Y as seen in Zoids Saga.

This Storm Fury is a variation seen only in the original Zoids Saga. This variant of the original Storm unit, has an additional blade weapon on the head. This version of the armor never appeared in other medias, including the rest of the series, and was obtainable by upgrading any other Berserk Fury unit. The Zoid is marked in at 134 tons with the same length and capable of traveling as much as 360 km/h, which is considerably slower than any other Storm unit variation.

The Zoid is shown to carry three different blades for combat. A set of X-Breakers like the standard Sturm unit, as well as a forehead spike much like the Laser Charging Blade of the Geno Breaker. Strangely, none of the three blades are usable as a weapon in Zoids Saga I.