Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 1
Primary Zoids N/A
Japanese Name Taifu
Voice Actors Hideyuki Umezu

Taifu is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild. He is the the grandfather of Arashi, and father of Ikazuchi.


Zoids WildEdit

Taifu is Arashi's grandfather, he raises him and mentors him after Arashi's father leaves the village. He is opposes Arashi becoming a Zoid Hunter, as it is fraught with danger.


Taifu appears in the manga in much the same way as in the Anime. He is much more physical in his punishments given to Arashi.


Taifu comes across as brash, but is very hospitable and caring to those around him.


Taifu has his own unique relationships with the following characters:

Arashi: Taifu is shown to be strict and stern towards Arashi, but the two hold immense care and respect for each other. So much so, that Arashi, despite having a dream to explore the world, might never have left the village without Taifu's consent as he did not want to leave Taifu alone in the village.

Ikazuchi: When Ikazuchi realises how long he's been away, he immediately fears that his father, Taifu has passed away from old age. Arashi reassures him that Taifu is in fact alive and well (and very fit for his age).


  • Taifu's name was first used in the manga, and subsequently on Twitter. The Anime predominantly calls him by a title, such as "Gramps" or "Old Man".
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