Iguan Joke

As per request, I'm removing the previous discussion about the Iguan joke. Here is a summary of the current situation:

The Iguan joke was a joke on a zoids forum about the Iguan being the most powerful zoid. The results of a poll stated that members thought the iguan was the most powerful Zoid.
Notability: this was removed from the wiki page, as both the forum and the joke have become obscure in the pages of history, with little current evidence to show that Zoids fans at large still know of the joke. It is difficult to separate the Iguan joke from many other forum based in-jokes. If there is evidence to suggest that the Iguan joke is more notable than other typical forum behaviour, this decision may be revised.

Please limit any further discussion of the Iguan joke to providing a link (URL) to a page that promotes the notability of the joke. Anything else will be removed. Sylvanelite 03:38, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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