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Toyline name

The European version called them "Z-Knights", so that's what is used here, but I've worked out that the Japanese version doesn't call the models "Z-Knights". The toyline name in Japan is "Armoured Titan: Z-Knight" because the main (hero) model only is called Z-Knight. There are 5 other Armoured Titans (Marinekaizer, Zerros, Gaimu, Eaglehead and Flamesol - they all appeared as secret figures in the Zoids gashapon sets), but most of the models released were just normal mecha. According to the Japanese storyline, each Armoured Titan contains one of the 6 Zoid Cores brought back from Planet Zi by the repaired Globally III and can only be piloted by a Second - a half-human, half-Zoidian. Also, the nation of Mars colonists is called Kilna - Cald is a group of rebels from inside Kilna, kind of like Neo Zenebas.

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From what I got from Japanese Wikipedia (can someone good with Japanese check it?)

  • The Metal Hearts used to powered the Armored Titans are none other than Zoid cores that the Globally III brought with it. The thing finally got repaired and leave Zi sometime after the conclusion of first Helic-Zenebas war (they bring some Zoidians with them as well, and some of Earthlings choose to remain on Zi, it's said that the engineer who name Gairyuki is their descendant).
  • Despite not counted as Zoid (for they're built with imitated technology), the Armored Titans originally only pilotable by Zoidian (it appear that the Zoid core not listen to Earthling due to different in their mind pattern). They later develop conversion system that allow Earthling to control them at cost of minor reduction in performance. Bell Lance (Z-Knight's pilot) doesn't need it though, he's half-Zoidian.
  • The war is already started when Z-Knight awaken. Alfred Seldon (later become pilot of the Gilga) awake the Marine Kaizer because he need a "trump card" to use against other Kilna's top brass once the war is over and the attack on Northerland stronghold is simply field test. Of course, he doesn't expect that there's someone who can pilot the Armroed Titan without conversion system there.

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