Dub {{{eng_dub}}}
Name Translation {{{ja_name_trans}}}
Japanese Name {{{ja_name}}}
Romanization {{{ja_name_roman}}}
Japanese Opening {{{ja_op}}}
Japanese Ending {{{ja_end}}}
English Opening {{{eng_op}}}
English Ending {{{eng_end}}}
Season {{{season}}}
Episode (season) {{{ep_season}}}
Episode (series) {{{ep_series}}}
Episode (lifetime) {{{ep_lifetime}}}
Japanese Airdate {{{ja_airdate}}}
English Airdate {{{eng_airdate}}}
Previous {{{previous}}}
Next {{{next}}}

To use this template copy the text in the box below.

| title_name= 
| ImageName= 
| caption= 
| eng_dub= 
| ja_name_trans= 
| ja_name= 
| ja_name_roman= 
| ja_op= 
| ja_end= 
| eng_op= 
| eng_end= 
| season= 
| ep_season= 
| ep_series= 
| ep_lifetime= 
| ja_airdate= 
| eng_airdate= 
| previous= 
| next= 
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