Sylvanelite Sylvanelite 13 August

1000th Article

Just now the Zoids Wiki hit 1000 pages!

The Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast article is the 1000th page on this wiki.

While that number may change as new articles get created, and others may be removed for cleanups, it's good to see healthy growth in the Wiki.

After being stable for a long time, there's bee…

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Luigi777 Luigi777 1 August

New Year's Prayer Wishes on 2020

Here are the Prayer wishes on 2020:

  1. Finish the Episode Project Article very fast.
  2. Avoid being blocked by anyone in the internet.
  3. Do not harass any other users.
  4. Do not label the characters Enemies of Dark Lord (Ragnarok) Category.
  5. Always work alone.
  6. Create a story project.
  7. No more cyberbullying.
  8. Edit the ar…
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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 14 December 2019

Zoids Wiki celebrates 12 years

Today twelve years ago Zoids Wiki was founded by Hayers. At that time the Zoids fandom was not really thriving as Zoids: Genesis has ended over a year ago, leading to a twelve-year hiatus, which ultimately ended last year thanks to Zoids: Wild. As well there has been no new Zoids season in the west…

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