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  • Moviejunkie2009

    Today twelve years ago Zoids Wiki was founded by Hayers. At that time the Zoids fandom was not really thriving as Zoids: Genesis has ended over a year ago, leading to a twelve-year hiatus, which ultimately ended last year thanks to Zoids: Wild. As well there has been no new Zoids season in the west…

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  • Moviejunkie2009

    A few things

    September 28, 2019 by Moviejunkie2009

    There have been some news about Zoids Wild Zero, I'd like to share. First of, there has been another trailer yesterday. I will add it to the right rail. As well this guide just lists the English dub of Zoids Wild to be 26 22-minute episodes. Let's hope that doesn't mean that Hasbro just has dubbed …

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  • Sylvanelite

    Just a short blog post to shout out to Zoids Chaotic Century.

    The Anime just turned 20 years old (based on first airing in Japan)

    Such a great show.

    I may as well shout out to all the Zoids fans who have edited this wiki in the past/present. It’s good to see after 20 years, people still love Zoids.

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