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==Digald Empire==
==Digald Empire==
{{Main|Digald Empire}}
{{Main|Digald Empire}}
Featured in the [[Zoids: Genesis]] timeline, Digald is a militaristic nation that attempts to conquer the world with their unique [[Bio Zoid]]s.
Featured in the ''[[Zoids: Genesis]]'' timeline, Digald is a militaristic nation that attempts to conquer the world with their unique [[Bio Zoid]]s.
==Helic Republic==
==Helic Republic==
{{Main|Helic Republic}}
{{Main|Helic Republic}}

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The Zoids universe contains many different factions, technologies and resources. This page is an index of these terms. Note this page is a navigation page, and as such, any detailed information should be edited into the respective subject's main page.


Anti-Digald Forces

Main article: Anti-Digald Forces

Featured in the Zoids: Genesis timeline, the Anti-Digald Forces are led by Ra Kan, the Anti-Digald Forces are a large assortment of factions that oppose Digald. Eventually, they rename themselves the Anti-Jiin forces, and amalgamate some of the alienated Digald troops in an effort to dethrone the tyrant Jiin.


Main article: Backdraft

An illicit organization that attempts to usurp the Zoid Battle Commission's battles.

Blue Army

Main article: Blue Army

The Blue Army is one of the factions of Zoids found on Zoidstar, they are lead by Zoidzilla.

Digald Empire

Main article: Digald Empire

Featured in the Zoids: Genesis timeline, Digald is a militaristic nation that attempts to conquer the world with their unique Bio Zoids.

Helic Republic

Main article: Helic Republic

Featured in Zoids: Chaotic Century, as well as the battle story and various other media, the Helic Republic is one of the largest, longest-standing, recurring factions in the Zoids history.

Guylos Empire

Main article: Guylos Empire

Featured in Zoids: Chaotic Century, as well as the battle story and various other media, the Guylos Empire is one of the largest, longest-standing, recurring factions in the Zoids history. Apart from their long-running war with the Republic, they are also shown to fight with factions of the Zenebas Empire.

Red Army

Main article: Red Army

The Red Army, lead by Redhorn, are a faction of Zoids that live on Zoidstar.

Zenebas Empire

Main article: Zenebas Empire

Featured in the battle story, the Zenebas Empire was defeated by the Guylos Empire. It later staged a coup and was resurrected as the Neo Zenebas Empire.

Zoid Battle Commission

Main article: Zoid Battle Commission

The Zoid Battle Commission regulates the Zoid Battles seen in New Century.


Charged Particle Cannon

Main article: Charged Particle Cannon

The Charged Particle Cannon is a particularly powerful weapon found on Zoids like the Geno Saurer. It is capable of annihilating even the strongest of Zoids in a single shot.

Changing Armor System

Main article: Changing Armor System

The Changing Armor System is a system whereby the Liger Zero and Berserk Fury can replace their armor units with alternate units for greater versatility.

Command System

Main article: Command System

A computer used for a pilot to control a Zoid. Most notably appears in Zoids: New Century where defeated Zoids are characterized by their Command System Freezing.

Energy Shield

Main article: Energy Shield

The Energy Shield is a system that protects Zoids by creating a defensive wall of energy. It is the signature weapon of the Shield Liger.

Gravity Cannon

Main article: Gravity Cannon

The Gravity Cannon is a weapon of unparalleled power, able to project a black hole. This weapon features prominently in the last few episodes of Zoids: Guardian Force, with other mentions in Battle Story.

Ice Armor

Ice Armor is a specially designed armor system for defense against laser weaponry. It is extremly reflective, and can be found on the Ice Blazer, as well as the Gungyarados.

Laser Blades

Main article: Laser Blade

Laser Blades are a high-performance type of melee weapon found on several Zoids. It is the signature weapon of several Zoids, like the Blade Liger and Storm Sworder.

Magnesser System

Main article: Magnesser System

The Magnesser system is a system that utilises the magnetic environment of Planet Zi for several different uses.


Main article: Organoid

An Organoid is a type of mechanical life form that was used in various media for various purposes. Generally, they give Zoids greater power and sentience.

Strike Laser Claw

Main article: Strike Laser Claw

The Strike Laser Claw (or Laser Claw Strike Attack) is a melee weapon found on several Zoids, and is the signature weapon of the Liger Zero.

Zoids Overload System

Main article: Zoids Overload System

The Zoids Overload System (ZOS) is a highly unstable system featured in the Zoid Video Games that warps the space-time continuum, resulting in the crossover worlds featured in games like the Saga series.

Zoid Core

Main article: Zoid Core

The Zoid Core is the power source of all Zoids (bar the Murasame Liger in Genesis), and is effectively the life of the Zoid. If the core is damaged, the Zoid will die, save for exceptional circumstances, such as the intervention of an Organoid.

Wild Blast

Main article: Wild Blast

Seen in Zoids: Wild a powerful attack used when the bond between pilot and Zoid is strong.

Death Blast

Main article: Death Blast

The Death Metal Empire's forced version of a Wild Blast.


Bio Zoid

Main article: Bio Zoid

A Bio Zoid is a special type of Zoid that is nigh on immune to all weapons bar Metal Zi. Their primary weapon are flamethrowers and melee weapons.

BLOX Zoids

Main article: BLOX Zoids

A BLOX Zoid is a special type of Zoid that is built around cube-like cores. These Zoids, due to their compartment-like structure, are well-suited to combining with other Zoids.


Main article: Deohalcum

Deochalcum (possibly a play on Orichalcum) is an iridescent, green substance local to the Dark Continent of Nyx, which served home to the Guylos Empire in Battle Story. Though it has a negative effect on both the terrain and plant life, it can be used in the creation of Dark Zoids by being bonded to the Cores. The properties of Deochalcum allow Dark Zoids to absorb both light and heat energy into their bodies and convert it into power for their various weapons. As a result, all of these models give off a distinctive green glow.


Main article: Evolt

The Evolt System is a powerful regenerative system seen in Zoids: Genesis. It is used by the Murasame Liger to repair itself, as well as change its forms into the Hayate Liger and Mugen Liger forms.

Fuzor Zoid

Main article: Fuzor Zoid

A Fuzor Zoid is a combination of two or more Zoids. By sharing their cores, they become exponentially more powerful than their standalone counterparts.

Metal Zi

Main article: Metal Zi

Seen only in the Zoids Genesis series, Metal Zi is an element harvested by the Sky People and used in powerful Zoids weaponry. Unlike normal alloys, Metal Zi weapons can pierce the armor of Bio Zoids. Also, bullets made of Metal Zi can penetrate the Bio Armor, surpassing normal ammunition and lasers of typical Zoids weapons.


Main article: Reggel

Reggel is a fuel source featured in Zoids: Genesis.

Ultimate X

Main article: Ultimate X

The Ultimate X system is an artificial intelligence unit seen in New Century. It sports a "Black Box" known as an "Integrated Organoid System".

Wild Zoids

Main article: Wild Zoids

Wild Zoids are a natural inhabitant of Planet Zi. While mechanical, they are more animal-like than the actual Zoids used by the various factions- for instance, Wild Zoids do not have a cockpit.

Zoid Magnite

Main article: Zoid Magnite

Zoid Magnite is a type of metal found on Zi that has peculiar properties. While not well-defined, it can heal Organoids in Chaotic Century and is the material used as armor on New Century's Hover Cargo.

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