The Terra Geist organization is a fictional group in the Zoids VS and Zoids Saga series responsible for terrorizing both the Guylos Empire and Helic Republic in order for them to revive the fallen Zenebas Empire.

Video game appearancesEdit

In the first Zoids VS, Terra Geist appears to be an influential organization and the main antagonist whose objective is to revive the Zenebas Empire. In order to do so, they send their agents to infiltrate the Empire and the Republic, the organization use spy tactics. In an attempt to overthrow the organization's plot, first an Imperial military police, called Rottiger, under Lieutenant Claudia Diamant, made an all-out offense against Terra Geist, and later Blue Unicorn, a prototype military experiment team, joined with Rottiger to overthrow Terra Geist and their plot to revive their fallen country.

Then, by Legacy, Terra Geist is shown to be an ally of Backdraft group, during this time, Gard, Terra Geist's current leader, was easily tricked by Altail, where he abused the usage of ZOS system. As same with Reika in Battle Legends, where she uses these to utilize on the Madthunder (Republic) and Ultrasaurus (Empire).

Terra Geist also utilizes several Zoids from both Helic and Guylos to keep the protagonist of interfering with their plots of reviving the Zenebas Empire for their personal glory. They are seen using a swarm of Molgas and Sinkers on several occasions when they attack other Republic and Imperial bases. The stronger or larger Zoids they employ includes Helcats, Chimera Dragons, Death Stinger, Bloody Death Saurer, Seismosaurus, and Madthunder and other unmanned Chimera Zoids, appeared to be pilot by some of their well-known members.

Primary Zoids usedEdit

Terra Geist mostly used extra large Zoids as seen in some of the mission modes, here are the following;

Video game ZoidsEdit

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