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Thunder Galaga
Galaga at the controls of the Deadly Kong
Appearances Zoids: Genesis
Debut Zoids: Genesis Episode 5
Affiliation Digald Supression Army
Age 25
Primary Zoids Deadly Kong
Japanese Name Raimei no Galaga
Voice Actors Kenta Miyake

Thunder Galaga is a fictional character from Zoids: Genesis. He is one of the major protagonists.


Galaga is a huge man, who's town was occupied by Digald. Enraged, not only by their invasion, but also by his powerlessness to stop it, Galaga formed an anti-Digald resistance group. He was joined by Ron, giving him two large-scale Zoids. He tried to get a third, chasing after Kotona to get her to join, but was rejected. After a while, he met Ruuji, initially duelling him for Kotona's affection, before later being aided by him. His group would be destroyed, and he would spend the rest of the series helping Ruuji fight Digald. He is, along with Ruuji, is a member of Muteki-Dan.


Galaga is quite a simple man, and very much wears his heart on his sleeve. He rapidly gets enraged whenever something doesn't go his way, like Kotona flirting with someone other than him, or Digald oppressing civilians. He regularly makes over-zealous and over-presumptuous assertions, which often lands him in hot water. That said, he is not an idiot, and learns from his mistakes, and places nothing above the lives of his comrades, be it Ruuji and co, his own group, or Muteki-Dan. He is the most passionate about fighting Digald.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Galaga's usual outfit

Galaga usually relies on brute force to win his battles, but does occasionally use strategy. His Deadly Kong is one of the most physically strong, and its scissor arm is extremely powerful, albeit rarely used. In addition, its backpack holds Metal-Zi arms (literally), which make it a very reliable Zoid.


Like ever other character, Galaga has his own unique relationships.

Kotona: Galaga has a ridiculously obvious crush on Kotona, though she doesn't share his feelings. In the final episode, he even goes so far as to protect her from Digald's assaults by using his Deadly Kong as a shield.

Ruuji: Galaga sees Ruuji like a brother, and often elects to go with him on missions (though these requests are often rejected). He is even entrusted by Seijuurou with the task of looking after Ruuji when he thought he would die of his illness (although this was later cured).

Ron: Galaga's first main comrade is Ron, and he sees him as a valuable friend. Unlike most of the rest of the cast, Galaga does not see Ron as being suspicious.

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