Toy's Dream Project
Toy's Dream Project logo.
Start Date 2002
End Date 2006
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan

Toy's Dream Project is a set of Zoids released by Toycard. The overall project includes more franchises than just Zoids.


Toy's Dream Project is a program run by Toycard, a joint operation that united multiple Japanese toy companies including TOMY.


In 2002 they released the Bloody Death Saurer, followed by the Proto Gojulas Giga in 2003. TDP also released some of the 24-scale Zoids line: the Deathpion in 2003 and the Neptune and Battlerover in 2004. They then switched focus to Mk-II Zoids, releasing the Gojulas Mk-IIP, Ironkong Mk-IIP, Shieldliger Mk-II and Great Sabre in 2005, along with the Deadborder. Finally, in 2006, TDP released the Helic Memorial Box 1983, a box set of the first five windup Zoids. The Helic Memorial Box II 1983-1984 and Zenevas Memorial Box 1984 were later released by TOMY as non-limited items.


  • Bloody Death Saurer
  • Proto Gojulas Giga
  • Deathpion
  • Gorgodos
  • Neptune
  • Battlerover
  • Aquadon
  • Gurantula
  • Garius
  • Gildoler
  • Ironkong Mk-IIP
  • Shieldliger Mk-II
  • Great Sabre
  • Deadborder
  • Gator
  • Geruder
  • Merda
  • Molga
  • Zatton
  • Furolesios
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