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NJR Transhawk
No Designation
Hawk / Tiger Head Type
ZOITEC / Helic Republic
Crew None
Weight ? tons
Depth ? m
Height ? m
Maximum Speed ? km/h / ?mph
Weapons ?
Equipment ?

The Transhawk (トランスホーク, Toransuhōku) is a Hawk-type of Zoid, a race of biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


The Transhawk is a small, unmanned, flight-capable Blox Zoid designed by ZOITEC as an enhancement for their tiger-type Zoids Whitz Tiger and Rayse Tiger. It can convert into a replacement head for one of these Zoids and increase its power.


The Transhawk is a simple, one-sprue model cast in a beige/off-white color. It includes one gold new-style Core Blox and no pilot. Its parts can also be repositioned to form a feline head that can be used as an alternate for the Whitz Wolf or Rayse Tiger kits. (It obviously also therefore works on variants of these kits such as Soul Tiger or Rez Tiger.)

The Transhawk was available only in Japan by redeeming a coupon from Corocoro Magazine at a designated "Zoid Shop" store.