ZW11-Triceradogos 7
Triceratops Type
Team Freedom
Crew 1
Weight 74.6 tons
Depth 10.1 m
Height 4.7 m
Maximum Speed 158 km/h
Weapons Upper Horn (2)
Chip Horn
Impact Horn
Equipment Frill Shield
IQ 77

The Triceradogos (トリケラドゴス, Torikeradogosu) is a Triceratops-type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise.


The Triceradogos is a small Zoid with an open-air cockpit. Compared to other Zoids in the Zoids: Wild series, it is an L-sized Zoid.

Equipment & FeaturesEdit

Upper Horn
Upper Horn (アッパーホーン)
Chip Horn
Chip Horn (チップホーン)
Impact Horn
Impact Horn (インパクトホーン)
Frill Shield
Frill Shield (フリルシールド)
Tail (尾)


The Triceradogos appears in the Zoids: Wild anime, under the name Tryke. It is piloted by Bastion.

Tryke first appears in episode 10. It is used by Bastion to busk for money.

While Tryke features in early intro/ending themes, it isn't until episode 25 that it formally joins Team Freedom and starts to have a major role in the story.

Tryke is a relatively slow Zoid in Team Freedom, but it is powerful. Together with Bastion it proves a potent ally. When first fighting Salt, Gyoza manages to escape from the Hunter Wolf, despite being at a large speed disadvantage.

Tryke is badly damaged in episode 37 and is sent away with Bastion to recover.



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