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Hey there! I am an Architectural Major at the University of Houston and a long time fan of Zoids and strategy RPGs like Warhammer 40K and Dungeons and Dragons. Pretty nerdy, huh? As a result when I am not working on things for school I have started a project called Zoids D20 which combines the awesomeness of Zoids with the D20 rules. Other than that nerdy stuff I am also an avid basketball fan and used to play basketball daily back in West Phildelphia (where I was born and raised)

Zoids D20Edit

Anyone familiar with D20 knows that it is not a perfect or very realistic system, so a few friends and I are also rewriting the main rules to create a game that is very realistic and yet not overly complicated. Making a game that is more realistic yet less complicated than common D20 rules? Yes I am a crazy man, but I have most of the major rule modifications down and the results are looking very fun and streamlined.

Features it will include:

  • A very deep pilot creation system where instead of classes there will instead be a multitude of talent trees that allow a pilot to specialize in various areas of Zoid combat. Examples of the themes for the talent trees include Heavy Weapons, Sniping, Support, Fast, Command, Melee, and Mechanics. As a pilot levels up they can select new talents from their current talent tree or move to another one to broaden their area of expertise. Player feats will rarely deal with Zoids, as we have decided that Feats are things the player can do as an individual, wheras the talent trees cover things the player can do as a pilot in a Zoid.
  • A very in depth Zoid creation system, where the player picks a base chassis, be it a Shield Liger, Dibison, Sabre Tiger, Command Wolf, Gun Sniper, or whatever they wish to pilot, then choose the weapons and systems loadouts for the Zoid. The weight of the loadouts will affect the Zoid's maximum speed and mobility. Here is a rough list of the 10 major factors of each Zoid in the system I am creating:
1) Base Armor Hardness
	A) This will be the hardness of the Zoid’s core exterior armor.
		a. Decrease all damage the Zoid receives by it’s armor hardness
		b. This hardness can be increased with heavier armor upgrades.
2) Mobility
	A. This determines the Zoid’s ability to maneuver in combat
	B. The Zoid’s base Mobility will be determined by how it was constructed, the type of legs or wings it was built with, etc.
	C. Mobility can be increased with equipment upgrades or decreased as a result of heavier loads applied to the Zoid
3) Maximum Speed
	A. This is the maximum speed in MPH that a Zoid can move in combat.
		a. Can be decreased due to heavier loads on the Zoid
4) Base Strength
	A. The strength of the Zoid
		a. Affects the damage a Zoid deals in melee combat
		b. Determines how much weight a Zoid can carry	
5) Hardpoints
	A. These are mounts on the Zoid where offensive and defensive weapons systems can be mounted
		a. Heavy Mounts will support heavy weapons systems, along with medium and light weapons systems.
		b. Medium Mounts will support medium weapons systems, along with light weapons systems
		c. Light Mounts will support light weapons systems only
6) Hit Points
	A. Represents the stability of the Zoid’s infrastructure and how much punishment it can take.
		a. When the Zoid’s Hit Points are reduced to 0, it shuts down and becomes inoperable until repaired
		b. When the Zoid’s negative hit point total reaches double it’s max, it is completely destroyed and unsalvageable
7) Evasiveness
	A. Represents the bonus applied to pilot checks for the Zoid pilot to avoid taking a hit.
		a. Determined by a combination of the Zoid’s mobility and current speed
8) Acceleration
	A.  Determines how many speed steps a Zoid can increase each round
9) Impact Threshold
	A. Factor determining how much of an impact, or damage, a Zoid can 	withstand without suffering any interior or exterior 
            mechanical or electrical malfunctions
		a. If the Zoid takes damage from a single attack more than its Impact Threshold, despite how many points of damage its 
                     Hit Points take, it goes down a condition on the condition track.
10) Condition Track
	A. This determines the condition of the Zoid’s electrical and mechanical functions that are vital to it’s operation.
		a. Can be decreased by critical hits, damage exceeding its impact threshold, or being hit by Anti-Zoid or Shock weaponry


  • A complete overhaul of combat rules, from movement to the way weapons work. The rules for Automatic and Burst fire weapons have been improved to give them a more realistic and practical feel in the game. Compared to other D20 games, the combat in Zoids D20 will be on a massive scale with battlefield that are miles in all directions.
  • A very impressive selection of weapons and other combat systems that can be applied to a Zoid that will affect how it performs on the battlefield. There will be a massive list of universal rules for weapons so that each weapon actually has a unique purpose and a strategic strength and weakness depending on the situations the pilot and their Zoid find themselves in during combat.
  • And much more! We are putting a lot of care into this project to make the game as fun and realistic as possible while remaining loyal to the source material.

History With ZoidsEdit

I first encountered Zoids when New Century Zero was playing on Toonami on Cartoon Network when I was in middle school. I would always look forward to coming home and watching Dragon Ball Z and Zoids every weekday! As I got older and went to High School, I really stopped thinking about Zoids as much as I went through those crazy late teenage years. It wasn't until after I had graduated and I was hanging with a bunch of my college friends, that someone said, 'Anyone remember Zoids?' Well suddenly all of us, most of whom never knew each other in middle school or high school, all were discussing everything from the anime to the toys that Hasbro released here in the States. The general concensus was that Zoids were pretty badass. So I started doing some digging and eventually found all the DVDs on eBay and bought them. I have since ordered a few of the models and occasionally rewatch the series with some friends and beer and we yell at the tv and talk about what we would do differently and if we ourselves had a Zoid. Ahhh good times.

Favorite ZoidsEdit

Here are a list of my favorite Zoids of all time:

1. Lightning Saix - I love how this baby is one of the fastest Zoids around with just its standard factory buildout. Sure it is outclassed speed-wise by the Berserk Fury and Liger Jager, but those are extremely exceptional and rare Zoids whereas the Lightning Saix is more of a standard, if high-end, Zoid.

2. Shadow Fox - What really lured my to this baby is the color scheme and its unique sound. I enjoy how it brings with it a unique fighting style, relying on misdirection and stealth rather than speed or brute force.

3. Command Wolf - This is a classic Zoid. It has a stylish chassis, and it is also a very versatile and all around Zoid. Any well-equipped Command Wolf with a skilled pilot in the cockpit could match much stronger Zoids or large numbers of similarly strengthed Zoids.

4. Gun Sniper - One of the biggest lures to this Zoid model is the idea of a sniping-platform Zoid. I love how, although it is not the toughest, with a skilled pilot it can take down larger and more powerful Zoids from extremely long range. Fun times.

5. Redler - I love the concept of a flying melee fighting Zoid and I am a big fan of the design of the Redler.

Models OwnedEdit

I have just recently began collecting the Zoid models, and right now the models I own are:

1. Limited Edition Black Blade Liger

2. Lightning Saix

3. HMM Command Wolf Attack Custom

4. Gun Sniper

5. Desert Command Wolf

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