About meEdit

Hi! I go by the names Falcarius or Cheironyx online. I'm an overly obsessive Zoids fan and grammar Nazi, so I'll have plenty of work to do here :P If you have questions about anything obscure and Zoid-related (preferably Battle Story related), just ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

WARNING: I am also really lazy :P

Online Zoids resources (mostly in Japanese)Edit

  • The Zoids Dictionary - A massive list of almost everything Zoid-related, although it's missing some stuff from Genesis onwards. The best place to find summaries on obscure Zoids stuff.
  • The Zoids Archives (dead) - Contains text from the OJR Zoids Graphics, every Fanbook EX, History of Zoids and more. Went down recently but can be accessed through Web Archive.
  • We Are Zoiders!! - A Korean forum containing scans and (Korean-translated) text from OJR and NJR fanbooks as well as the Zoids Bible.
  • Hanegaru's Zoids collection - A massive collection of nearly every Japanese Zoid, complete with box info (including stats and Battle Story) up to about Fuzors-era.
  • Zoids Ocean - A site full of basic information about nearly any Japanese Zoids media, including tons of obscure and limited stuff.
  • Zoidstar - This site contains scans of not just the entire UK comic series, but everything related to it as well.
  • ZoidsTalk forum - Requires free registration, but their "History" section contains an almost-complete set of Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby magazine scans.
  • Phenotype's Zoids Forum - One of the largest and most helpful English-language Zoids forums around.
  • TakaraTomy's Zoids site - Contains basically all the Rebirth Century info besides the Dengeki Hobby side-stories. Past versions are useful for many different releases.
  • TOMY's Zoids museum (dead) - Plenty of information on the OJR, but requires Web Archive.
  • Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary - A really, really useful (and reliable) online dictionary.
  • Excite translation - A Japanese-English translator that usually works better than Babelfish or Google Translate.
  • GameFAQs - Contains walkthroughs, in English, for many of the Zoids video games.
  • Nico Nico Douga - A Japanese version of YouTube. Requires registration, but it's free and contains plenty of Zoids-related videos (including gameplay).
  • The Web Archive - Preserves old versions of websites, making it REALLY useful for information-gathering.
  • Google - Never underestimate the information-finding power of Google ;)
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