I'm just an ol'skool Zoider that should know better!

My love of Zoids starts with the models. In the early 80's I received a Protozoid, then a Hellrunner. I was hooked! I began to collect as many as I could afford (unfortunately not many!). 

A recent attic sort out led me to a box. A sealed, taped box. Upon opening said box, I found a small collection of Zoid models!! This sparked the imagination of an old man! Since that day, I have rebuilt the Zoids, wasted countless hours reading about Zoids and watched every episode of the Zoid anime's (several times!!)

Midlife crisis????

My favorite ZoidsEdit

  1. Redhorn the Terrible
  2. Krark Prince of Darkness
  3. Gore the Lord Protecter
  4. Protozoid
  5. Zore
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