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Documenting locations on planet Zi:


  • Europa (Western Continent)
  • Delpoi (Central Continent)
  • Nyx (Dark Continent)
  • Eastern Continent

Known locations:

  • Blue Valley
  • City of Wind
  • Cronos Fort
  • Dragon Head
  • Ebonei
  • Elemia Desert
  • Ethen (mountain)
  • Gurrill Plateau
  • Guygalos
  • Inei River
  • Jentala Ruins
  • Jerome Town
  • Lumiera
  • Mt. Iselina
  • Mt. Osa
  • New Helic City (located in Europa)
  • Nordens
  • Red River
  • Romeo City (New Century)
  • Temps Town (New Century)
  • Valley of Heroes
  • Valley of the Rare Hertz/Evopolis
  • Wind Colony

- relating to the Battle Story, Chaotic Century, and New Century narratives


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