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i started collecting zoids during my post-grad years and decided to just collect the largest kits produced. i was in a dilemma back then since the king gojulas and gilvader models are out-of-production and the vintage models costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. but genesis came out, thus the white gilvy. then after years of positive thinking... rebirth happened! not wasting time, i picked two KGs. since then my collection diversified as you can see below, picking up zoids that are interesting for me besides the biggest kits.

  • hoping for takara tomy to never stop with the franchise.
  • a king gojulas update.
  • i wish TT would issue an official gravity cannon for the Ultrasaurus.
  • Kotobukiya CP parts compatible with both the HMM and original kits.

Personal Zoids Collection

New Japanese Release

Buster Eagle, Death Saurer, Elephander, Energy Liger, Custom Shikkoku Gairyuki, Geno Breaker, Loose Geno Saurer, Special Color Version Clear Black Geno Saurer, Loose Gojulas, Gojulas Giga, Gordos, Gunbluster, Madthunder, Ultrasaurus

New American Release

Jet Falcon


Buster Fury, König Wolf Mk. II, Liger Zero Falcon, Matrix Dragon, Ultimate Seismo


Bamburian, Brastle Tiger, Deadly Kong, Dekalt Dragon, Gildragon, Hayate Liger, Lanstag, Mugen Liger, Murasame Liger, Rainbow Jerk, Soul Tiger, Sword Wolf


Rez Tiger

Rebirth Century

Dark Nessios, Gilvader, King Gojulas(2), King Liger

Zoids Graphics

Gungyarados, Orudios

Anime 10th Edition

Iron Kong Schubaltz Custom

Limited Edition

Chromed Blade Hawk, Blitz Haken, Gojulas Mariner, Sauro Knight, Sturm Tyrann, Dark Nessios

Zoids: Original

Command Wolf RGC, Geno Ritter


Gold CP-08 Pile Bunker, CP-10 Gojulas Cannons, Genesis Power Up Parts (A, B, C), Threezero Iron Kong and Shield Liger

My Contributions

User contributions

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