Imperial Dragon here--ready to mobilize!

I'm a big fan of Zoids, the Chaotic Century/Guardian Force anime series and CC manga in particular, and happily own a small collection of models and merchandise. Blasting my way through some of the great Zoids video games is a favorite pastime of mine, along with writing, drawing, and listening to music. In addition, I like spending (maybe too much!) time on the computer, whether it be checking, reading, and editing here, working in Photoshop, or searching for a good deal on eBay. I also enjoy cosplaying (erm, make that crossplaying!), though I seldom find an excuse to do so. =P

I'm looking forward to pitching in to make this wiki the best it can possibly be. It's been such a joy to see it grow and improve since I created my account; I can only hope that it continues to prosper.

Please feel free to drop me a message on my talk page! To talk about Zoids? Want me to help out with something in particular? Ask a question? Go right on ahead! I don't bite.

"See you on the battlefield!" =D


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