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About Me

A New Yorker who was first introduced to Zoids over a decade ago when Chaotic Century aired in America (unlike most American Zoids fans, I saw Chaotic Century before New Century Zero). My 1st Zoids were a Command Wolf AC, Warshark, and Barigator. I really wish they were still around...

I came back to Zoids in 2009 when I found the Zoids Wikipedia pages. I indulged myself in Zoids, and eventually bought a Helcat Noir. Since then, a large part of my life has been dedicated to learning about and building Zoids.

I thank you all for putting up with me over the years. Sometimes I look back at my older posts here eith a bit of shame! This is a great community and I never could have grown to be who I am now without it (I would also be richer without it XD)!

Contact Me

As an admin, feel free to post questions on my talk page. please specify who you are, and do not spam or distribute my email out to people or organizations.

You can look for me on Phenotype'a forums under the same name.

I am largly inactive now (my last activity was February 2015) so I apologize if I do not reply back to messages. I am still an active member of the community and will drop in from time to time.

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