Hi, I'm Kristin. I'm a big zoids fan, I love Jesus, and am a digital artist.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

Some of my zoids[edit | edit source]

Since I've had these I have moved a few times, my poor zoids took a beating. Some of them I had to super glue the armor to prevent the tragedy agin. :C

I used to collect a lot of the motorized zoids when they were popular. I have a few HMM models now:

  • Liger Zero Schneider
  • Liger Zero Panzer
  • Liger Zero Jager
  • Blade Liger Mirage
  • Command Wolf (white)
  • Empire Command Wolf LC
  • Berserk Fury
  • Geno Breaker (Raven Version)
  • Geno Saurer (Raven Version)
  • Lightning Saix
  • Shadow Fox
  • Gun Sniper (Leena Special) I get a kick out of the grocery basket and items that come with it. :3
  • Pteras Bomber (Jamie Version)
  • Shield Liger (Ramar Special)
  • Saber Tiger Gold I think this is my favorite HMM zoid
  • Red Horn
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