Hello visitor to my profile page. If the following words seem kinda asinine, I apologize, but I just got kinda tired of seeing this space being blank and empty =P.

I'm really not sure what to say...uh, I like Zoids as you can probably figure. Started with the NJR line, have a couple of kits, but what's kinda my 'thing' is writing Battle Story Zoids fics. Don't care much for the animes...mainly because of the shounen story, I'm more of a down-to-earth military Zoids kinda guy. So yeah, makes sense that I would like the Battle Story, and all the fics I've written so far are OJR Battle Story fics.

I'm working on my first NJR one right now though...yeah, so feel free to check out my fics (link below), though my first two ones are of an atrociously embarassing quality. Rest assured my writing has tremendously improved since then. So editors have no need to fear :). It's kinda shameful that they're still there, but I leave 'em up as a reminder of progress. Writing progress. So...yeah. Kinda rambling.

Any of you got anything to chat about, feel free to leave something on my Talk Page. I'm always up for random topic discussions!

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