aka David (but call me Shepherd)

  • I live in La Mesa, CA
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Independant Contractor
  • I am Male.
I'm a simple man. I like dogs. I like chocolate. Sometimes, I like dogs dipped in chocolate. (no apologies for that)

In addition to being a rabid Zoids fan (currently re-watching "Guardian Force") you can typically find me watching "Mystery Science Theater" re-runs and searching for rare DVDs. I also have love for~

- Gundam

- My Little Pony

- WWE/TNA/Pro Wrestling
Gunsniper naomi ww

- Parkour

- Kaiju/Giant Monster

I'm not much of a Zoids kit builder, but I am quite prolific in assembling Gundam Model kits with varying degrees of success (don't ask how my Master Grade Destiny Gundam kit looks...ugh...) I DO plan to start shopping. So hold your bits, boys and girls.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Geno Saurer (my first Zoid model, the NJR version)
  • Gun Sniper (my favorite Zoid)
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