About SilverbladeEdit

Yo :)))

  • Zoids Poison
  • Bounty Bay
  • and now x-box live as Silver A2 or MASTER

Silverblade's User PageEdit

  Welcome to my user page.

Favorite seires:

  • 1st- Guardian Force and Chaotic Century
  • 2nd- Genesis
  • 3rd- New Century Zero
  • 4th- Fuzors

Favorite Zoids

  • Zero X
  • Blade Liger
  • Whitz Wolf

Zoids Collection Edit

HMM Collection

  • Command Wold AC

Wish List for all things Zoid.... and stuff i just wantEdit

  • A new Zoids anime sieres to start
  • A new line to be released
  • Zoids Saga 3 (Would like to know were i can find it)
  • Map for new wiki format

Recent ActivityEdit

Finally got that HMM BL Mirage

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