This is my notation of me heralding myself to prove my worth to myself so as to never forget control when amongst future people. [I had this copy put in my trash-can for all the fallen Malayan Pit Vipers. The masterpiece with a hooded cloak, steel platemail and steel gauntlets I got from the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer's League in Lake In the Hills, Illinois will be magistered in relaxed time.]

I am Sebastian, I edit Fandom Wiki's from small-time-wonders like the Dragonology Fandom Wiki, to middle-class Fandom Wiki's like: United States Fandom Wiki, Rsroleplay Fandom Wiki, and the Skateboarding Fandom Wiki. To the even greater Fandom Wiki's like Halo's Fandom Wiki.

I maintain Snake Wiki, am a Bureaucrat for Deadpool Wiki and have even Founded Billiards Wiki & the HaloProtocol Fandom Wiki. I like to skateboard, train in swordsmanship, and get buff. I'm Polish, North American, with interests in motorcycles, ball rooms and just noble class stuff. I have a Malayan Pit Viper animal herald for Role-Playing; I trained in role-playing during my schooling and decided the best tactical option to enhance my experience and to never give up on myself is to create a family crest/sigil- that being those spirit animals people earn through Martial Arts and barbarianism.

My role-playing viper's race is called "Zmija", and it's kingdom is separate from the fantasy enthused kingdoms with humans. But I still do quests from the Dungeons & Dragons books/Pathfinder books (as well as, if I want, other roleplaying books) to train myself in hyper-lethal vectors, weapon mastery dexterity, as well as dragon hunting. It's a separate channel on my DISCORD; it teaches me how to stay primeval and not pretend magic(k) is good.

Only the best are the best. And one day it will be imperatively so, instead of just assentual. With all anime Pilots being just that- "anime Pilots" that my ZOID must be picked by the Key to the Wiki badge. I'll have a roleplay with it on my DISCORD at some point.

On 8/7/2019 the random page I encountered was some sort of Toys R Us exclusives and the first ZOID was a "clear Geno Saur" so I clicked it and it took me to the Geno Saurer. My ZOID is a Geno Saurer.

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