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Hi to all the Zoids Wiki users, my name is Pat, I'm a Zoid lover living in the Philippines. For some reasons that my user name is Van X Fiona (VanXFiona) that is about my favorite characters from Chaotic Century and Guardian Force, Van Flyheight and Fiona. I used to watch Guardian Force as well, I sometimes found exciting and hilarious. I used to collect Zoids toys since I was eight years old, and in the other hand, I gave it to my nephew, one of it were a NJR Blade Liger, Raynos, and NAR Command Wolf AC.

Because of my username, I totally inspire Van Flyheight and Fiona. And some of the Blade Liger pilots from NC0 and Fuzors.

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It's showtime!

Van Flyheight

Just then... I found him. I finally met him! The ultimate partner, the Blade Liger!

Leon Toros (Zoids: New Century Zero) , and Max Rubin (Zoids VS)

My name is Harry Champ, I'm a man destined to be KING!

Harry Champ

Hello? Up antenna roboman!

Harry Champ

Your command is almost perfect!

Claudia Diamant

I know it is, I was just trying to see if I could make you smile!

Van Flyheight

It sounds kinda weird to me.

"Fiona" Elisi Linette

With no decree, then you cannot defeat me.

Claudia Diamant

You don't have to rub it in! And it's 'Trinity Ghost,' how many times do I have to tell you?

Thomas Richard Schubaltz

Alone... And yet again without a Zoid, I trudged on through the desert. The hopes and beliefs that kept me go through rough times, were shattered...

Leon Toros

Captain? Is it a woman!

Kouki Demon

Rottiger power!

Claudia Diamant

I don't understand why you went out there on your own without telling us. You know you could've been killed by those 'Triple-cheese-toast' guys!

Van Flyheight

Good, this rabbit hunt is finished!

Max Rubin

You're out of your mind, Marvis! Mach Storm will DESTROY you!!!


Sigma, you're so pathetic! How many times do I have to tell you, I NEVER liked you!!!



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These are my views of some of the character's relationships. Not only character to character, but character and his/her Zoid as well. For example, Bit and his Liger Zero, etc., and also character to character who also develop something to each other, or blah blah blah.

In either ways, I can also bias these.

Bit and Liger Zero: Bit and the Liger make a close bond together, their relationship could be one-sided in either way. Sometimes, the Liger itself is shown to understand Bit as well.

Max and Blade Liger: I would prefer that Max and his Blade Liger have a one-sided relationship. Like Bit, he is shown to care deeply for his Zoid, and sometimes the Liger becomes more jumpy when Claudia first piloted it, since the first time Bit met the Liger Zero.

Claudia and Max's Blade Liger: Claudia seems to look down on Max's Blade Liger. But trying to unravel its secrets in vain, her tears made the Liger to allow Claudia to pilot it as said in some of my blogs.

Van and Fiona: This is what I am used to go with my username's sake! It's pretty obivious that they have feelings for one another. Though it is a bit divided between the two. I'm saying that because Van does have romantic feelings for Fiona, but Fiona is in love with Van. Still, the two do have feelings for one another, though just not on the same level. I can't say for sure when they developed feelings for one another, but it seemed episode 11 might have been the first ever hint of it. While the twos feelings were more or less lightly hinted throughtout the Chaotic Century, episode 33 more or less proved it. But in Guardian Force, Fiona is not shown to kiss Van anyway.

Max and Claudia: For me, I don't want to know that, they are only in respective terms. But Claudia is shown to have a trace of rivalry towards Max. No one can say that Claudia is shown to develop feelings to Max, while Max and his Liger are together.

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