best zoid evar

About me[edit | edit source]

Righty umm well. I like Zoids. hmm.... and lasers... gosh this is so much harder when it's actually time to fill it out.

well I played a lot of zoids Legacy and watched the entire Caotic Century anime... I can be really stupid sometimes so if I accidently set the wikia on fire... yeah... sorry!

I am a pyromanic, not a kleptomanic, and possibly a problem child... That was possibly my most obscure refrence to a video game ever. I do play a lot of games old and new so I reference them semi-regularly. This is bad because no one had ever heard of zoids mokushiroku or densetsu before I came here.

running out of stuff to say.... ahhhhhhhhh

I don't play any mmorpgs,

I do play ssbb online occasionally.

I like pie

The cake is a lie

I bought a lime

and paid a dime.

this singing ain't my line

it's hard to make a rhyme

if I get stuck

I am out of luck

heck, I am out of time.

(I also like movies, that are a little old)

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

My Questions[edit | edit source]

Q:So do the death saurer and death stinger have anything in common?

A:The word death, Kudos to zoids fanatic

Q:How many molga's would it take to beat a death saurer


Q:who set us up the bomb.


Q:what kind of ammo does shock cannons use


Q:what is wrong with storm sworder F?

A:It has a funny orange thing on its head, Thank you Azimuth for enlightening me!

Q:why is it whenever I stop posting everyone does?

A:Because everybody sleeps. not just you.

Q:Why isn't there a model for the cerberus


Q:What is Vega's Japanese name

A: ベガ・オブスキュラ.

Q:who translated zoids legacy


Q:How many people have clicked the wrong signature button?


Q:What zoid is an even match for the command wolf

A: Rev Raptor, from someone who forgot to sign. NO COOKIES FOR YOU! (author confirmed as Zoid fanatic)

Q:why did the raynos never recieve any addons.


Q:If captain Falcon Piloted a zoid Which would it be


Q:Haladron collider = charged particle beam cannon?

A:No, courtesy of Azimuth

Q:without looking, how many questions are there on this page?


Q:what school offers scholorships to people whose last name is Zolp.


Q:why are all prototype zoids either black and red or white, and red. (not counting concept art)

A:Because those colors contrast well, and possibly a cost issue, some prototypes aren't colored at all.

Q:What is all this?

Main Char and Mouse.png

Seriously help! I don't understand?!!?!

Q:What two things do I reference in About Me?


Q:What video game is the most like Zoids Battle legends.


Q:How does the Panzer overheat when firing BBB ?


Q:Which came first, king gojulas or ultrasaurus


Q:What is the slowest and least agile zoid, Canonwise.


Q:What is the slowest moving model zoid.


Q:Where the heck on zi is arcadia?


Q:Should there be a DeathLiger?


Q: (Your Question Here!)

A: (My Answer)

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