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My Zoids collection

I do collect Zoids since i was a kid, but i gave it to my nephew.

Here are the following:


  • Blade Liger Leon (NAR)
  • Command Wolf AC (NJR)
  • Raynos (NJR)
  • Shield Liger (With CP-01, NJR)


  • Iguan (NJR)
  • Marder (NJR)
  • Sinker (NJR)
  • Heldigunner (NJR)
  • Saicurtis (OJR)


  • Jet Falcon (NAR)
  • Leostriker (NAR)

My favorite Zoids video games

I only play Zoids Saga II or Zoids Legacy, because I only love modest Zoids just like the Blitz Tiger, Lightning Saix, Blade Liger, and Liger Zero and even Zoids Saga III: Fuzors.

Favorite Characters (both anime and video games)

Van Flyheight: For some reasons, Van is shown to be a renowned as shown in the anime, most villains and allies greeted him as the defeater of the Death Saurer.

"Fiona" Elisi Linette: For me, Fiona is probably shown to have a crush on Van, which is why Thomas gets annoyed at Van for some reasons.

Bit Cloud: Bit is shown to be a friend when it comes to Zoids especially the Liger Zero.

Leon Toros: Leon is just like Van, even though he is Bit's rival.

RD: He is the second of my favorites, for some reasons, RD is shown to be a joker and some gutsy person.

Sigma: When he and RD are arguing, it turns out to be hilarious for some reasons that Sigma is much pessimistic as RD.

Marvis : Known as the second generation of Raven, which he is the enemy of both Mach Storm and Savage Hammer.

Alster: He is the same as RD and Bit. But for me, its so hilarious when Palty kissed him.

Zan Fel: For me, he is known as the second generation of RD in the video game, he is careless though.

Max Rubin: Max is one of my favorite video game characters of the Empire, he is just like Van and Leon, for some reason, his also just like Bit, Gummie, and Ra-Kan.

Claudia Diamant: Also one of my favorite female characters in some of the Zoids Series, she is equal to Naomi, Amy, and Kotona Elegance.

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