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Welcome[edit | edit source]

Well, to start out with a welcome how 'bout a CSI/Zoids joke;

"Sir, we just receved reports of a silver Blade Liger, but we can't find anything!"

"Well I guess,"

(takes off glasses)

"it's just a Mirage."


Ok, funny time is over now get ready for my userpage.

About me[edit | edit source]

Well, I am... or was for a time, a huge Zoids fan. In fact, I pride on being called a "Zoids Fanatic" (hence my username). Anyhow, it's not all Zoids anime with me, I do know knowledge with both the anime and models (but not so much with video games or the manga). More or less, however, you'll find me in the anime section. I'm also always ready to chat, or help with any Zoid related problems.

But don't go think I'm obsessed with Zoids (you should have seen me when I was addicted to RuneScape), I like other things and other animes. With anime, well my list has grown a lot since I have joined the Zoids Wiki. Though much of it can be rather obscure (ever heard or seen Dog Days and Golgo 13? No? Well, good, you saved some brain-cells).

As for things non-anime releated stuff, I am a writer (of fan fiction) and currently part of a airsoft sports team at my collage (it's a ligit sport). And I also collect gems, of all things. Currently working with MMD (MikuMikuDance, as you can see above)

Anyhow, you're probably bored of me talking right now, so here's a list of other usernames I run by, and we can continue on our way;

Zoids Fanatic (All other wikis)

Zoids Fanatic (Wikipedia)

Zoids Fanatic (ZoidPoison)

Zoids Fanatic (Fanfiction.net)

ZoidsFanatic (Runescape, don't judge)

Slimmerfrog Man (Xbox Live)

Myusernamewasused (Photobucket)

SlimmerProductions (Youtube)

To sum it up, if you see a Zoids Fanatic or ZoidsFanatic anywheres, and one that is not on Xbox Live, Photobucket, or YouTube, it's most likely me. Also, just as a general statement, I'm a guy (shocking right?).

What I normally edit[edit | edit source]

Well, I haven't been as active as I used to be (life, what you gonna do about it?). So I'll usually mop up small mistakes I see and try to work with the front page for Zoid and Pilot of the month

Old Van and Fiona articles[edit | edit source]

These were from 2010. For some Iguanis unknown reason I thought, "hey, lets make Van and Fiona's articles gigantic in length". That was a bad idea. So, here are the articles.

Van's article can be found here.

Fiona's article can be found here.

And the moral of this story, my dear readers, is don't be like me when I used edit articles. Trust me, you'll regret it.

My blogs on the Zoid Wiki that don't include the two listed above[edit | edit source]

Here they are;

My "series"

Poor Issac


First Contact

I don't know why I kept this

We're (or they) are not alone, part 1

Re-reading these makes me wonder what in Iguanis name was I thinking back then. Oh, wait, Zoids. I am very sorry about that.

Anyhow, you can still find me writing fan fiction on where else but Fan Fiction. (my profile on the site) {C}http://www.fanfiction.net/~zoidsfanatic

(And I promise you that most of my stories are better then what I had posted here).

My Zoid Collection[edit | edit source]

I can't really remember the the first Zoid I own. The oldest one I have, not including my action figure ones, is a Barigator (still having problems finding all the pieces). The second oldest one is a Missile Tortoise, which I found in beat up condition in a Tuesday Morning (a store). Saved the lucky fella, and still have him.

Here's a video of my (old) collection: Here

Current Collection:

Custom Parts:

Hasbro Action Figures:

Books/DVDs/Games releated to Zoids:

  • Zoids: Battle World (Book)
  • Zoids: Chaotic Century Vol 9, G-Files (DVD)
  • Zoids: Chaotic Century Vol 10, Hope (DVD)
  • Zoids: Chaotic Century Vol 1 (manga)

Pages I have made[edit | edit source]

Well, started/created. I don't own the site, so I only credit myself with creating these pages.

And this is a important forum.

Forum for Zoid/Pilot of month

Favorite Characters and Zoids[edit | edit source]


  1. Van Flyheight: Van's my favorite character of all (Luke Skywalker had a good 7 year run) I think he is a well balanced character, he's not over powered, he's not whining all the time, and he has a good personality. Did I mention the lack of whining? Yeah, he doesn't whine.
  2. "Fiona" Elisi Linette: She is my favorite female character (of Zoids). She pretty much saves herself and is likable. And, well, the only Zoids female who is not annoying.
  3. Varteth: A.K.A Viking Dude. He's my favorite character in Fuzors (and the only reason I watch it). I mean, whats more epic then a viking?
  4. Thomas Richard Schubaltz: I always find humor in his attempts to hit on Fiona (which he fails at). I do feel bad for him though, he can never seem to win and they never introduced a random love-character for him... wait, that's why I like him.
  5. Ambient: He's Ambient, what more can you ask for?


  1. King Liger: There is a reason it's called the king.
  2. Iguan: It's the strongest Zoid of all time. It's more powerful then CHUCK NORRIS! And on level with Cirno (points for Touhou fans).
  3. Blade Liger: The first Zoid I remember about. It has blades (hence it's name).
  4. Gustav: Gotta love them.
  5. Houndsoldier: Can you hate it?
  6. Buster Tortoise: You can't go wrong with the Buster. And HA, I just broke the rule of 5.
  7. Glaive Quama: It's cool, it's rare, it pwns.

Favorite Zoid series, and why I like them[edit | edit source]

  1. Guardian Force: Its my favorite series of all time, of all time (and I'm now being able to get the series). Anyhow, it just has a great plot line and is a good series, and trust me, it could beat any of the lame series on TV now. One thing I like about it is that it has it's own "unique" theme to it, and it's characters are original. I also like how there IS a romantic tension between Van and Fiona, but I think you got that already.
  2. Chaotic Century: It comes in second due to the fact its older brother is Guardian Force, and in my book, its just used to get ready for Guardian Force. I think it's a bit more humor base though.
  3. Genesis: Seen most of the series, and it rocks. It has one of the better theme songs, and goes back to the good old days of Guardian Force. I do think it tried to copy off older Zoid series, but thats just me. The characters are unique though.
  4. Fuzors: I can laugh every time I watch Gundam 00 or Death Note.
  5. New Century Zero: Meh.

Zoid's that I think should have more respect[edit | edit source]

This is a list of Zoids that I think should deserve a little respect.

Marder: I think this little guy deserves some respect. I mean, it is one of the the fastest Zoid out there And most people don't know who this little guy ishttp://www.realitylapse.com/, which is why it should deserve some respect

Pteras: We all know what a Pteras is. It's the blue thing that gets blown up all the time. Really, it didn't make any type of important appearance until NCZ, at which point it was replaced by the Raynos. Aside from this, the Pteras should get respect. I mean, it's a fair Zoid, does it's job, and has been in so many of the model kit lines, it's not funny.

Molga: In just about every Zoids media, there is a Molga, and they always get blown up. It's kinda sad. Yes, it's not the greatest of Zoids *cough* Iguan *cough*, but it's a versatile little guy. For one, it can go underground. And second, you can equipped a cannon to the little guy's back and watch him destroy.

And besides, have you even seen a Molga in action, or have you seen the Dark Molga? If you hate it, you have no soul.

King Liger: The king is one of my favorites. I mean, it is the first Zoid to use laser blades (As for the Redler, I'm not sure), two machine guns, and a awesome look, this Zoid is off the hook. And yet, rarely anyone knows this Zoid exists. It was only released twice, and when any Zoid fan hears "liger", they think of the oh so annoying Liger Zero. This Zoid, and it's older brother, the King Baron, did their jobs. And what do they get for it? Death. I'm sad now.

Gustav: If you can even say you dislike this one, then leave... I'm joking. Anyhow, where would any of the Zoid series be with out the Gustav. I mean, you can't take the Gustav out of Zoids. It's like taking Master Chief out of Halo (yes, I made a Halo reference).

Hound Soldier: Yes, even Houndy needs love too. He might not be that known, but he is still a great Zoid.

Iguan: Chuck Norris Iguan already has respect, Chuck Norris Iguan is strong.

Gravity Wolf: Vareth had the Zoid. That means it needs respect, or already has it. Let's just say it has both.

Anime gallery[edit | edit source]

Here is a gallery of anime characters from the Zoids series. If you want to use any or keep any, feel free to do so.

Note: This is not a complete list.

Gallery that has Van and Fiona[edit | edit source]

What? Their my two favorite characters.

Note: This is not a complete list.

Demotivational gallery[edit | edit source]

Good laugh never killed anyone.

Model pictures. Enjoy with caution.[edit | edit source]

This is a gallery of some of my Zoid Models that I have here on the Wiki. You may use these pictures, but remember, these are my models, and as such, do not wish for anyone to call them their own. Besides, I don't want to go on eBay and see my Blade Liger being sold.

Note: This is not a complete list. {C}

GIFs[edit | edit source]

Same as my above, you can use them, but remember that I was the one who made them.

Note: Sorry for them being a bit (or a lot) choppy, I'm not the best at GIF making.

Photos that have nothing to do with Zoids, but why not?[edit | edit source]

Note: Click on some photos to increase the full size. No links or pop-ups."

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