Pilot Skills and Weapon Systems

Had a really productive Zoids D20 Meeting yesterday with my main partner in making the RPG (Gonna call him Broba Fett for the time being) and we ironed out a functional system for how Zoid pilots will manage the weapon systems in the Zoids, called Pilot Skills. Unlike regular D20 where there are player skills, the Pilots will get both Player Skill Points each level as well as Pilot Skill Points each level and they will allot them to various areas of Zoid Management. The current Pilot Skills we have are: (Maneuvering), (Computer Systems), (Sniper Rifles), (Rifles), (Machine Guns), (Artillery), (Missiles), (Melee), (Short Range Cannons), and (Long Range Cannons). The way these work is that when attacking or defending while in the Zoid, the Pilot uses these skill rolls instead of normal attack rolls. This represents familiarity with the targeting programs, the weapon itself, etc, and allows each pilot to actually specialize in certain styles of combat. (Maneuvering) will be a mainly defensive skill, and (computer systems) will involve various things like getting your Zoid out of a system freeze, jamming enemy radar (with special equipment, of course), and much more. We also went through each Zoid weapon type and decided how we were going to balance everything by making each type have specific battlefield advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to post up some suggestions! I can't guarantee you that they will happen but we will consider everything!

As it is I am not sure when I will be able to get the first functional version of the system up, there are a lot of things we are overhauling from common D20 and we are working on this in our spare time. Coming up with the ideas is the easy part, sort of, but the hard part is putting it all down in a coherent document that is organized and easy to follow. I will continue to keep you posted!

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