Overhaul And Light At the End of the Tunnel

Had another big meeting with my co-conspirator and we completely overhauled a lot of the player ideas we had come up with earlier, opting for a much more streamlined and improved system. Weapon Skills are gone, to be replaced with weapon system specialization talents. We also came up with some awesome ideas on how to make player creation more freeform than any D20 game that has come out before. The idea is that instead of picking a class, the player can create their own custom class that tailors to them. It should be pretty awesome when all is said and done. We have also come up with some great ideas for battlefield affects, like pinning fire, shaken pilots, etc, that will gives combat much more depth and make each player very careful about how they build their character. Things are coming together really well now, I can see a working build coming soon!

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