A summary of the Battle Story from multiple sources.


  • All dates are ZAC ("7 or 8 periods ahead of Earth's calendar" according to History of Zoids).
  • Information about ZAC 2030-2056 originating from Shogakukan's School Grade magazines is in bold, as it often conflicts with early Tomy info (boxes, Graphics, History of Zoids) and All About Battle Machine Beasts (also by Shogakukan) - these sources are in italics.
  • The "new Zoids" column shows important examples, not every Zoid released at that time.

Date Events New Zoids Source
12 bya The Big Bang occurs (actually thought to be 13.7 billion years ago). Z
5 bya The Zoid Zone solar system is formed, including Planet Zi. Z
4.8 bya The small but heavy Planet Mi collides with Planet Zi, blasting a quarter of its crust into space and forming Zi's three moons. Simple thermophilic organisms appear. Z
3 bya "Primeval Metal Lifeforms" first appear, creatures similar to Earth animals but containing high amounts of heavy metals and able to withstand extreme heat and pressure. These are not yet Zoids. metal lifeforms Z
200 mya "Metal Exoskeleton Organisms" first evolve, creatures with their vital organs condensed into a Zoid Core and with a metal shell for a body. wild Zoids Z
50 mya Due to changes in the core of its sun, Zi is suddenly plunged into a long ice age, sending most of the dinosaur-type wild Zoids extinct. Z
30 mya The ecological niches left vacant by the dinosaur-type Zoids are filled by a variety of new mammal-type Zoids. Z
20 mya The humanoid Zoidians evolve separately to the Zoids, in the category of "Metal Mucous Membrane Organisms" (along with Zi's plants). Z
0.7 mya Eight small planetoids fall onto Zi, causing its current geography. Z
10 tya to 1600 Zoidians on the Central Continent live in 50+ small tribes, in constant danger from volcanoes and earthquakes, so little history survives. tame Zoids H, A, Z
~1600 The major seismic incidents settle down, allowing the tribes to expand and history to be recorded safely. H, A
1693 Geologist Babahot discovers an engraved iron plate in ancient ruins, proving that writing and tame Zoids were used in prehistoric times. The year of the plate's creation is defined as the year ZAC 1. Z
~1700 All seismic events cease and the tribes move into new areas, seeking more resources and gradually combining into eight major tribes. H, A, Z
~1850 With more resources and able to cooperate, tribes continue to combine into larger territories, but fights and tragedies often break out. H
1890 "Mecha organisms" or "manmade Zoids" (a wild Zoid's core placed in an artificial body) are first produced (technology is still medieval-level). manmade Zoids Z
1920 The territories combine into two warring countries, led by Helic Muroa (from the Wind Tribe) and Guylos (from the Depths of the Earth Tribe). H, A, Z
1955 Saddened by the long war and many deaths, Helic secretly travels to the Dark Continent for "help" and sends the Dark Army to attack the Central Continent so that the two warring countries will unite to fight them off. His army continues the war without him. H, A, Z


The Dark Army (from the icy Dark Continent) is driven off by the combined armies and the sudden heat of summer. H, A, Z
1957 Guylos and Helic work together to form the Helic Republic, with Helic as its king. Helic Muroa II is born (his mother is from the Wind Tribe). H, A, Z
1959 Zenebas Muroa is born (his mother is Guylos' younger sister). H, A
1960 Underground colonies of dinosaur-type wild Zoids are discovered. Z
1975 King Helic dies at age 78, leaving a letter to his two sons (now appointed President and Supreme Commander of the Army) to explain his actions in the old war. H, A
1978 Frustrated by President Helic's pacifism, Zenebas rebels, leaving the Republic and forming the Zenebas Empire in the west. H, A, Z
1980 The two countries finally clash in the Battle of Red River. After four months of battle, the Empire troops are repelled by Alpha and the Republic's coast guard, but the Republic suffers more losses. H, G6, M
2018 Learning that the Empire is planning an invasion, the Republic launches a preemptive strike and the Battle of the Desert begins. H, G9

A rebellion breaks out on board the Globally III, a human spaceship, and it crash-lands in the Central Mountain Range, interrupting the long battle. The Republic captures the survivors while the Empire finds the escaped rebels, and both sides withdraw from the Battle of the Desert. Under the guidance of Dr. Kronenbourg and Landbury, both countries begin to bring their technology up to modern standards.

H, A, G1, G2, Z, M

Date Events New Zoids Source
2030 The Republic army, led by the upgraded Zoid Gojulas, fights their way to the Empire capital (a mountain castle) but are repelled.
Deep inside Zenebas territory, a Zoid Gojulas defeats a Redhorn. Preparing for later battles, the Empire creates various Redhorn customs, including Bulstein, Burners and Destroller.
Zoid Gojulas
H, B1
2031 The Republic and Empire modernise their smaller Zoids. A fleet of Furolesios and Barigators is attacked by Sinkers in Florecio Ocean, opening the doors to sea and air battles. Sinker
10/2032 A large Empire force invades the Forest of Ardannes and begins the Battle of Ardannes, the first major fight with modernised Zoids. When the Gojulas force finally arrives, the Republic soon wins. A, Z
2032 Disappointed that Emperor Zenebas is neglecting his citizens, some of his soldiers rebel and take control of his residence. Zenebas orders their superior, Gambino, to "deal with them", but Gambino instead shows them an escape route and commits suicide afterwards.
The Empire completes the Ironkong and sends 150 to invade deep into Republic territory. The Republic gathers 250 Zoids Gojulas and repels them, but receive great damage.
Ironkong H, B1
2033 Unfazed by the recent events, Zenebas starts to build up a huge army of Redhorns. Helic declares "X-Day" national emergency laws.
In order to combat the Ironkong, three Republic facilities create nine custom Gojulas designs, one of which would later become the prototype for the Zoid Gojulas Mk-II.
H, A, B1
2034 Spurred on by the Battle of Ardannes, both sides begin to develop many new Zoids such as the Helcat and Snakes, outclassing enemy models within months of their release. Iguan
2035 The Battle of Blood Rock begins at the mountain White Rock.

The Republic receives news of a new large-scale Empire Zoid being developed, and sends a single Gojulas to investigate. It photographs the new Zoid and escapes through the ceiling.

H, G5, G9, B1
2036 The Empire releases their new Zoid - Sabretiger, which is fast enough to defeat the Republic's biggest Zoids. Their only way to stop it is to attack from the air. Sabretiger B1
6/2036 The violent operation "June of Blood" commences. Major General Isaac loses his son Kendall in the fighting. H
2037 An Imperial spy commando called "Echo" captures the Republic's prototype Ultrasaurus and tries to attack the Republic capital Helic City, but Captain R.S. Thomas snipes its cockpit with a Cannontortoise and Echo ejects. The Empire creates the Space Kong and Yeti Kong to oppose the Ultrasaurus, and their test data is used to create the Ironkong Mk-II. Echo sends a fake SOS signal and ambushes the Ultrasaurus in the Arctic with an Ironkong Mk-IIR, but he is killed by Thomas in a Gojulas Mk-IIR.

Ironkong Mk-II
Gojulas Mk-II

~2037 to 2038 The Republic unveils the Salamander, putting the Empire in a panic. They send 3 prototype Saicurtis on a test mission to destroy a Salamander, but the mission results are unknown.


H, A, G7
~2038 The first Ultrasaurus is released and penetrates deep into Empire territory, only stopped by a huge battalion. Zenebas declares X-Day, but once the Ultrasaurus is mass-produced, the Empire capital falls.


G8, M
2038 Republic soldiers escape from a besieged base in an Ultrasaurus but are surrounded by Empire forces. The Ultrasaurus uses a special omni-directional attack to wipe out the Empire Zoids. The Republic later sends an Ultrasaurus into Empire territory to destroy their command HQ, then starts an all-out invasion. B1
9/2038 The Republic receives news of a huge new Imperial Zoid, and both countries send their entire armies to Blood Rock. Despite the Empire's new Ironkong, the Republic corners them in 10 days. Defeated, the remnants of the Empire flee across the ocean to the Dark Continent. H, A, M
2039 The Republic breaks into the Empire capital, defeats the unmanned Bronze Kong guarding the palace, and searches for the Emperor, but he hides underground and escapes to Valecia Base in a Storch. The Republic follows and Zenebas flees to the Dark Continent in a Sinker, with General Danny Duncan sacrificing himself to save the Emperor. Twinhorn

~2039 [H]

2041 [B2]

The Zenebas Empire returns in the D-Day landings, attacking Valecia Bay with Whale Kaisers and a new army of Zoids. Not expecting Zenebas to pass through Triangle Daras and unable to communicate due to the Dimetrodon's jamming abilities, the Republic bases are unprepared and soon fall. Some guerilla groups fight back, including a group of Attack Zoid pilots called the Blue Pirates.

Sea Panther
Attack Zoids

G10, M, B2

~2039 [H]

2042 [B2]

The Empire tries to capture Armegen Bridge with a group of winged Iguans led by Lieutenant Colonel Frost. The Republic defeats the Iguan force but the bridge falls into Empire hands when Ironkong Mk-IIs arrive. The Empire army then breaks through the wall on the Republic's border, but meet a new high-speed force led by the Shieldliger. However, the Empire is aiming to recapture the Uranisk area and the huge Zoid hidden in an underground base there...

Command Wolf
G11, M, B2
2043 Intercepting an Empire transport force, the Republic learns of a new Imperial Zoid under construction, even larger than the Gojulas. They send a scout force led by Colonel Johann Ericsson to investigate the Empire facility, but it self-destructs, leaving behind nothing but a set of huge footprints. B2

2042 [M]

2044 [B2]

The Empire's Skeleton Force attacks a Republic air base with their new 24-scale Zoids. The surviving Puterasu chase after them but vanish, their shattered wreckage being found later. The Empire has sent out their newly-completed Deathsaurer, armed with a Charged Particle Cannon and guarded by a bodyguard force of the small but powerful Zoids24.
Piloted by Toby Duncan (Danny's brother), the Deathsaurer attacks a base full of Gojulas. The Republic plans to blow up the base, but the Deathsaurer shoots a hole in the earth and escapes underground. The Republic citizens evacuate to Helic City, guarded by Colonel Ericsson in his Ultrasaurus. Recognising the one that killed his brother, Toby Duncan fights and kills him, but Ericsson's dying words are praise for Danny Duncan.
G12, M, B2

2043 [M]

winter, 2044 [B2]

Unable to oppose the Deathsaurer, the capital Helic City finally falls and the Republic escapes through a secret tunnel to the south, seeming to disappear from the Central Continent entirely. Reddra G13, M, B2
12/2044 The Republic army attacks Cook Base with a gun battery disguised as an iceberg, then retreats into the icy mountains. Captain Franz Hartman's force pursues them and finds President Helic's personal Ultrasaurus, but is then wiped out by another - Helic and the Ultrasaurus are duplicates. Brachios B3
3/2045 Republic generals launch an operation to capture a Deathsaurer without President Helic's permission, but it fails. B3
5/2045 The Empire sends its new Reddras to gain control of Florecio Ocean, but they don't have enough fuel and are forced to ditch. Reddra B3
6/2045 Franz enters the Republic, claiming to be a captured Republic soldier and bringing a Deathsaurer operation book. The Republic manages to capture a Deathsaurer and takes it to a secret island base. But Franz brings a Roadskipper out of a compartment in the Deathsaurer's belly and kidnaps the President. He is defeated by Rosa, one of Helic's bodyguards, but she chooses not to kill him, so he remote-destructs the Deathsaurer and escapes. Megatopros
7/2045 The Republic brings all their forces to land on Germandy Peninsula, but there is already a Deathsaurer waiting. Helic sends a single Ultrasaurus and two Gojulas Mk-IIP to distract it, but it takes them out and turns to follow the others. However, the almost-dead Ultrasaurus shoots its intake fan, allowing the rest of the army to bring it down easily. The Republic escapes into the Central Mountain Range. B3
2045 The Deathsaurer is unable to enter the rugged Central Mountain Range, so Reddras and Deathpions are sent in instead. They discover that the Republic has developed its own Zoids24 force in a secret mountain base, and guerrilla warfare breaks out. Megatopros
G13, M
8/2045 An injured Command Wolf pilot discovers a town full of war orphans, who attack the pursuing Empire force with various schemes such as stealing a Twinhorn and causing a rockfall. B3
3/2046 Buying time, the Republic attacks the Empire's strongest mountain base. They transport 5 disassembled Ultrasaurus along the secret Helic Route, then rebuild them nearby and sweep down on the base along with an avalanche. B3
2046 The Empire's Green Horn, a custom Redhorn with an Anti-Charged Particle Shield, is captured by Republic spies. Its shield technology is later used by the Madthunder. M, W
8/2046 Republic forces attack Red River, aided by President Helic in a Kentauros. However, the Republic HQ is wiped out by Franz's Deathdog, which then attacks the Kentauros. Running out of power, Rosa (the co-pilot) force-ejects Helic, then lets the Deathdog bite onto the neck of the Kentauros before flying into the air. She then drops both of them from 100 metres up, destroying both Zoids, although both pilots escape somehow. B3
10/2046 to 11/2046 The Empire finds Franz's body in the northernmost part of the Central Mountain Range, their only remaining supply line. Dibison B3
31/12/2046 President Helic proposes to the injured Rosa in a field hospital. B3
4/2047 While the custom Dibison "Big Bad John" causes chaos in the Republic capital, a force of Megatopros follows the underground waterways to the prison and breaks out the captured Professor Chester. The escaping Arosaurer is caught by a Deathsaurer but its head detaches and flies away. Arosaurer B4
6/2047 The Republic tries to disrupt the Empire's remaining supply line, but the attack force is defeated by the new Greatsabre. Greatsabre B4
7/2047 to 12/2047 Eccentric Republic soldiers Lewis and Martin launch the "Stove and Swallow Operation", setting up a fake factory on an island to draw the Empire's attention away from where the real Zoid development is being carried out. B4
11/2047 The son of President Helic II and Rosa Lauri is born. Emperor Zenebas sends him a bracelet as a congratulatory gift. B4
1/2048 Searching for Professor Chester, the Empire sends the Deathbird to bomb a Republic facility. It shoots down the counterattacking Puterasu force and returns to base, not realising it has been followed by the stealth Zoid Suterasu. The Republic sends in an ambush force but are themselves ambushed by the Death Shadow, which hunts them all down. B4
8/2048 The Empire tries to defeat the Republic with a pincer attack, but the Republic fights back with an Ultrasaurus. Major Hobart's new Gorem picks up a fallen cannon and shoots the Ultra's gun turrets, then climbs inside the Ultra and sets a bomb. Gorem B4

2046 [M]

2048 [B]

Irritated by the Republic's constant resistance and guerrilla fighting, Zenebas sends out the Empire's "strongest force", made up of Mk-II models. In response, the Republic creates its own Mk-II Force.

Shieldliger Mk-II

G14, M, B4
2047 [M] Zenebas sends the new Zoid24 Gorem to infiltrate a Republic base, where it discovers the Republic's latest giant Zoid, a "T-type"... Gorem G14, M
9/2048 A Gorem infiltrates a secret Republic factory, looking for the Republic's mysterious new Zoids. It finds them and calls in an airstrike, but then discovers that the "new Zoids" are just shells placed over Gojulas wrecks. The pilot tries to call off the attack, but the air Zoids have orders to ignore all transmissions. B4
10/2048 Standing on a high tower, an Ironkong with huge missiles guards an Empire base near the Republic capital, so the Republic sends in their new Madthunder to bring it down. Madthunder B4
2048 The Republic finally unveils the Madthunder, equipped with a shield able to withstand the Deathsaurer's Charged Particle Cannon.
The two giants clash on Oberia Plain, with the Madthunder winning.
Madthunder G15, M
12/2048 Major Michael Hobart lies in wait for the Madthunder with his final Deathsaurer custom, the Death Fighter. The Madthunder easily defeats it and Michael is captured by the Republic. He meets the sick Professor Chester, who asks him to complete the work on a set of prosthetic limbs (originally designed by Michael's father) in his place. The Republic recaptures their capital city, and later airdrops the advanced prosthetics into towns full of injured Zenebas soldiers. Lidier B4
3/2051 Having recaptured the Republic capital, the Madthunder invades deep into Empire territory. Cornered on Nicaidos Island but unwilling to hand the continent over to Helic, Zenebas sends a messenger to the Dark Continent... The Republic sends in over 200 "Big Mothers", Madthunders under an Ultrasaurus shell. Zenebas escapes in a small scout vehicle.
That evening, the Dark Army arrives with incredibly powerful Zoids like the Deadborder. The Republic retreats, but the Dark Army attacks the Zenebas Empire first, defeating Zenebas' personal Zoid and seemingly killing him. They capture Zenebas' daughter Elena and his adopted son Störmer (Gambino's son), with their leader (Evil Emperor Guylos) using Elena as a hostage, and absorb the Zenebas Zoids and soldiers into their own army before retreating as quickly as they appeared. The Republic manages to shoot down one of the escaping Whale Kaisers.
G15, G16, M, B5, R
10/2051 The codebook from the defeated Zenebas Whale Kaiser uses the HZ code, which Helic and Zenebas devised when they were children. Wanting to end the battle, Helic sends the custom Madthunders Sea Mad and Mad Fly to invade the Dark Continent, but they are defeated by the super-powerful Dark Horn and Death Alien which guard the Empire airfield. Dark Horn B5
2052 Although the war is over, nasty things are happening to the environment of the Central Continent. The young scientist Shuu (Isaac's son) discovers that the events are linked to the Dark Army, and decides to lead a scout force to the Dark Continent in Operation Triangle. However, when the force crosses Triangle Daras, they are met with Dark Zoid versions of many of their old Zenebas foes. Cannonfort G16, M, R
6/2052 With the Gunbluster and the Turtleship carrier now completed, the Republic sends another invasion force, which lands at Entrance Bay and controls the area within a 5 km radius in 20 hours, thanks to the destructive power of the Gunbluster. Gunbluster B5
11/2052 A scout Puterasu discovers a secret Dark Army base in the mountains, 800 km from Entrance Bay, so the Republic sends in a remote-controlled Madthunder as a Trojan horse and throws the base into chaos. However, a Black Kong shows up and fires a mysterious halo that slices a Shieldliger in half - lengthways. But the shield of Lieutenant Krüger's Gunbluster manages to withstand the new weapon and he shoots down the Kong. Houndsoldier
2053 Shuu's scout force lands at the Bloody Gate, the entrance to the Dark Continent, but meet a Dark Horn force led by Störmer. They are only saved by the arrival of reinforcements - the Gunbluster. Dark Horn
G17, M

2054 [M]

2053 [R]

The Republic penetrates deeper into the Dark Continent with the help of new high-speed Grade-Up Zoids. With the Salamander F2, they are finally able to break through the Devil's Maze canyon system... Houndsoldier
Gul Tiger
Salamander F2
G17, G18, M

2055 [M]

2053 [R]

The Dark Army springs their trap, releasing the super-powerful Gil Vader (piloted by Störmer). It easily defeats even Madthunders. Gil Vader G18, M
10/2053 The Republic's frontline base is attacked by a high-speed force, and their Turtleship is crushed by a meteor. A huge Zoid breaks out of the meteor and annihilates the base - a Gil Vader. It crosses the ocean and starts bombing the undefended Helic City, but meets a counterattack by Krüger's Salamander F2 and Captain Graham's Gunbluster. Graham sacrifices himself to save Krüger. Around 80,000 people die in the airraid. Gul Tiger
Salamander F2
Gil Vader
2/2054 Discovering a Dark Army base after chasing a Gil Vader, the Republic airdrops a group of Kingligers from an Ultrasaurus flying boat, and they set high explosives on a Gil Vader while it is refuelling. However, the Gil Vader survives and attacks the nearby Madthunder awaiting the return of the Kingligers. Krüger uses his Salamander F2 as a shield, but the dying F2 saves his life by force-ejecting him. B5
10/5/2054 The 35 Madthunders remaining on the Central Continent are converted into sea battle types and set out on the Navy Memorial Day to defeat the Gil Vader. Because of the mission's importance, they use the HZ code, which "only Helic and Zenebas knew"... but the fleet is ambushed and wiped out by sea and air Gil Vaders. Helic realises that Zenebas must still be alive, but a prisoner of the Dark Army. B5


Guylos sends 10 Gil Vaders to attack the Central Continent, and Helic uses his last option: sending Krüger in the prototype Orudios (developed by Graham) to defeat a Gil Vader. Krüger stabs the Gil Vader's cockpit with the horn of the Orudios, killing its pilot, then self-destructs the damaged Orudios to keep it a secret and walks off into the desert, where he finds the Raynos that he abandoned in the failed landing 3 years ago. Meanwhile, Helic sends a fake transmission using the HZ code, claiming that 500 Orudios have been deployed, so the Gil Vader battalion retreats and the Republic is safe once more. Orudios B5, R

2056 [M]

2055 [R]

Nearly wiped out, the Republic quickly mass-produces the fast and agile Orudios to stop the Gil Vader. Hastily producing new and powerful Zoids such as the TransFighters, the Republic once again invades the Dark Continent, aiming to rescue the captive Zenebas. Godkaizer
G19, M, R
2056 The Republic advances on the Guylos capital city, Darkness, in the River of Revenge operation. The Dark Army's strongest force, containing the mass-produced but powerful Gungyalado and the laser-reflecting Iceblazer, prepares to defend the capital... Battlecougar
G20, M, R
11/2056 Using all their technology, the Republic creates the King Gojulas, an ultra-powerful Zoid that annihilates the Dark Army and their castle. The Descat sets out to stop it, but before they can battle, one of Zi's moons is hit by the comet Thorne and shatters, raining meteors down on Zi. The Central Continent is split into 3 segments, part of the Dark Continent sinks, and magnetic storms prevent all combat Zoids from moving, finally putting an end to the war... perhaps. Helic, the pilot of the King Gojulas, abandons the damaged Zoid and returns home with Elena, who he finds during his escape. King Gojulas
G21, M, R
2057 Both countries begin to rebuild, but both are secretly working on Zoids that can fight among the magnetic storms. During the funeral of Emperor Zenebas, who died during the Grand Catastrophe, scientist Kenneth Oldvine asks soldiers Rowan Zaguli and Faust Ramberg to dig up the wreckage of the King Gojulas so that its gravity supertechnology can be put to use. Later, Helic and Elena travel to the neutral Western Continent for a peace talk, but are instead ambushed by the Empire army and Ramberg's new Valga, which uses gravity technology from the King Gojulas as a weapon. The Republic defence force, led by Will Craig in a Dos Godos, holds them off while Helic and Elena escape. Dos Godos
10/2058 In an attempt to erase the gravity supertechnology, Helic launches Operation Iron Hand and sends an invasion force to the Empire facility of Levante Island. They are met with strong resistance from sea and land, but manage to land successfully. Zaguli attacks in his new Crimson Horn, guarded by unmanned Zeek Dobers, but he is pinned down by the Republic's smaller Zoids while Craig's Dos Godos force proceeds into the research facility. After fighting their way to the centre, they learn that Republic scientist Ril Meryl was a spy and that the entire island is a trap that will collapse if they destroy the facility. The Republic escapes, but their mission is a failure. Barigator TS
Dark Nessios
Crimson Horn
1/2059 While Helic inspects a facility on the Central Continent, a captured Valga activates without any pilot and threatens the entire base, but it is destroyed by Will Craig in the Tiga Godos being created there. Tiga Godos R
2/2059 The Republic makes use of the extensive sheet ice to send the speedy King Ligers on spy missions to the Dark Continent. R
3/2059 An Empire soldier realises that unlike most flight systems, the GyroCrafter Unit will not be affected by the magnetic storms, so Gul Tiger GCs - the first air combat Zoids since the Grand Catastrophe - are used to destroy the scouting King Ligers. Gul Tiger GC R

Date Events New Zoids Source
10/2098 A year after the death of Emperor Guylos, his 10-year-old grandson Rudolph is crowned Emperor. Gunther Prozen, a member of a high-ranking Guylos family, becomes Regent. F1
6/2099 Prozen declares war on the Helic Republic. Because Triangle Daras, a region full of electromagnetic storms, now prevents a direct invasion of the Central Continent, the Empire instead sends 90 divisions to the Western Continent of Europa. F1, M
8/2099 The Republic responds by sending in its own army, and the two sides clash at Red Rust desert. Both armies focus on the strategic position of Mount Olympus, but the Empire has prepared for this war and captures the Mount Olympus area within a week. F1, M
9/2099 Barely clinging on thanks to their high-speed Zoids, the Republic sends a Shield Liger battalion to recapture Mount Olympus, but they meet fierce resistance from the high-speed Zoids of the Empire. F1, M
10/2099 Finally reaching the summit, the battalion discovers ruins from an ancient civilisation. The Empire is trying to resurrect the extinct Death Saurer using technology from these ruins. L.G. Halford manages to defeat the half-built Death Saurer at the cost of his own life, but the Zoid's Charged Particle Cannon causes the mountain to erupt. Tommy Paris, the only survivor of the high-speed battalion, escapes from the summit with data about the ancient technology and is rescued by a Double Sworder. F1, M
11/2099 Still losing badly, the Helic Republic withdraws to the eastern forests. F1
1/2100 The Empire begins tests on new weapons and Zoids, discovering the power of the Organoid System (a device based on ancient technology). Geno Saurer F2
3/2100 Hindered by the Republic's guerrilla warfare, the Empire temporarily withdraws its supply lines, instead sending its new Zoids south to capture more ancient ruins. They are pursued by the Republic's latest Zoids, also equipped with Organoid Systems, but Ritz Runstead's Geno Saurer succeeds in retrieving an ancient Zoid Core from the Garil Ruins. Rev Rapter
Blade Liger
Storm Sworder
Gun Sniper
F2, M
5/2100 The Republic continues to bomb Guylos supply lines, realising that the longer the war lasts, the better their chance of winning. F2, M
6/2100 Desperate to buy time, the Republic sends in the strongest Zoids from their mainland defence force, leaving the Central Continent unguarded. An assassin force of Sinkers awaits the Neo Turtleship transporters, but the defence force shoots them down from inside the carriers. F2, M
7/2100 Prozen sends in his "private army", the Prozen Knights, to perform a pincer attack and prevent a Republic counterattack. However, the sea troops are defeated by the Republic's new Hammer Head, while the land forces are chased off by a mercenary group including Irvine.
Five days later, the Empire sends three new, super-powerful Zoids to stop the Republic's advance. In this battle, the Death Stinger (grown from the ancient core) takes serious damage and goes berserk to defend itself, wiping out both sides and retreating underground.
Hammer Head
Geno Breaker
Lightning Saix
Death Stinger
F2, M
8/2100 The Republic creates the Attack Boosters, allowing the Blade Liger to hold its own against the Geno Breaker. F2
9/2100 The only remaining Ultra Saurus (President Camford's personal Zoid) is remodelled into Ultra Saurus The Destroyer. Leading the Destroyer Corps, it begins shelling important Empire bases from a distance. F2, M
10/2100 The battle between rivals Ritz Runstead and Arthur Borgman (in a Geno Breaker and Blade Liger AB) strays into ancient ruins, where they discover that the berserk Death Stinger has been cloning itself. Realising that the Zoid could be a threat to the entire planet, they work together to kill it, with Arthur sacrificing himself to save Ritz.
The Republic continues to advance, cornering the Empire army at Nixie Base. Ex-Zenebas soldiers are sent out in Elephanders to sacrifice themselves and buy time for the rest of the army to withdraw. An elite Republic team invades the base and finds the Interface that the Empire has been excavating, along with two prototype Zoids. Prozen's son Wolff uses one (the Berserk Führer) to wipe out the team, but Ray Gregg steals the liger prototype and tries to fight him. Wolff escapes with the Interface, but Ray brings the new liger to the Republic.
Elephander F2, F3, M
1/2101 President Camford offers a truce to the Empire, but Prozen rejects it. While the Republic remodels their Ultra Saurus The Destroyer into Ultra Saurus The Carrier, preparing to invade the Dark Continent, the Empire buys some time by sending custom Whale Kings (Moby Dicks) full of unmanned Zabats to bomb the half-converted Ultra Saurus. In order to destroy the Moby Dicks, which fly too high for ordinary Zoids to attack, the Republic brings their handful of Salamanders back into service. Spinosapper
F3, M
1/2101 [M] 3/2101 [F] Prozen sends another attack force to Nixie Base, this time composed of Wardicks (mass-produced thanks to the Organoid System) and 10 Death Stinger KFDs (Killer From the Dark), led by Wolff's childhood friend Anna Tares and made controllable by using technology from the Interface. However, they are wiped out by the Republic's new Ray Force and its CAS-equipped Liger Zeroes (based on the prototype). Liger Zero F3, M
~2101 The Republic attempts to defend Nicaidos Island from Empire attacks, managing to defeat even Death Stingers with just two Zero Panzers. On Europa, the high-speed Mirage Corps is ambushed by stealth Elephanders, only escaping thanks to a sniper in a Buster Tortoise. Some time later, an Empire base uses the hard-to-control Geno Breaker to fight against a Salamander air-raid. W, M
6/2101 The Republic finally launches its Dark Continent invasion, but their fleet is met by a huge army of Imperial aquatic Zoids in the Andar Sea Naval Battle. Completely defeated, the Republic fleet takes refuge in Triangle Daras. Their Zoids soon go berserk and attack each other due to the plasma storms, but are rescued by strange new Imperial Zoids. Shadow Fox
F3, M
7/2101 Two weeks later, the Republic fleet safely arrives on the Dark Continent, taking control of Entrance Bay within half a day. A scout party sees a mysterious new group, the Eisen Dragoon (led by Wolff Muroa), annihilating the Empire's coastal defence force.
A Republic transporter bound for Europa is intercepted by Death Stingers, but they are defeated by the Gojulas Mariner guards and the transporter's cargo, which is a prototype Gojulasgiga.
Berserk Führer
F3, M, W
8/2101 When the Ray Force penetrates deep into Empire territory, the Eisen Dragoon reveals their plan: to weaken both sides equally until they can take over. The Ray Force's Zoids are frozen by the Grounchar's jamming waves, but they are saved by the shields and firepower of reactivated Gunblusters. Ray has almost defeated Wolff when the Bloody Demon, an experimental Death Saurer variant, appears and wipes out the force. Ray uses a mix of all the CAS equipment left in the burning Hover Cargo to defeat the Bloody Demon, but Wolff recovers its pilot and escapes to rejoin the Eisen Dragoon's main force. F3, M
~9/2101 A Republic scout team infiltrates an Empire base and discovers their new Liger Zero variant, finding that the König Wolf is no match for the Zero X. Soon after, the Republic sends their recreated Madthunder on a secret mission, but are attacked by a Guylos force. Prozen then airdrops a prototype Dark Spiner into the battle, intending to remote-destruct it and take out both sides, but the two teams work together to defeat the Dark Spiner and are narrowly saved from the explosion by the Madthunder's Anti-Charged Particle Shield. König Wolf
Liger Zero X
9/2101 High-ranking soldiers Herman and Schubaltz hold a secret meeting to discuss the Eisen Dragoon's plot, but Prozen sends a Liger Zero X to assassinate them. Schubaltz (and Tommy Paris) are seriously wounded, but Hermann uses a König Wolf DSR to snipe the Zero X's pilot while it is distracted trying to take out a Republic Madthunder being repaired in the nearby factory. However, the Empire has finally managed to resurrect their Death Saurer cores (again thanks to the Organoid System), and Prozen sends fifty Death Saurers in an all-out assault on the Republic, keeping his Prozen Knights in reserve.
Meanwhile, on the Western Continent, a Molga force delivering a new Chimera Core meets the prototype Gojulasgiga, but Jasz Noguchi's Molga Rokurou Special manages to knock it off a cliff and destroy it.
F4, M, W
~10/2101 The Republic develops the Cannoneer Gordos and Fire Fox to work together, but Empire spies steal the Fire Fox and use it against them. M
10/2101 The full forces of both armies clash, with the Madthunders narrowly holding out against the Death Saurers. After six days, Schubaltz and Herman arrive to call a cease-fire, uniting the Helic and Guylos armies. F4, M
11/2101 Prozen finally unveils his plot, using the Prozen Knights to take over the Empire capital Valhalla and kidnap Emperor Rudolph. He explains to Rudolph that he is the son of Zenebas Muroa and intends to revive the Zenebas Empire. In order to annihilate both armies, he has hidden countless Zoid Cores underneath the city, rigged to self-destruct at his command. While the combined Helic/Guylos army invades the capital and takes down the Prozen Knights, Rudolph challenges Prozen to a Zoid battle, managing to disconnect some of the tubes connecting the Zoid Cores to Prozen's Bloody Death Saurer. Prozen tries to force Rudolph's gold Saber Tiger to press the detonation switch, but Schubaltz's Iron Kong bursts in, shooting the Death Saurer's cockpit and shielding Rudolph. Fatally wounded, Prozen sets his Zoid to overload, detonating the Zoid Cores and wiping out most of the city and both armies. Meanwhile, the Eisen Dragoon invades the virtually undefended Central Continent, using the jamming waves of the Dark Spiner to freeze the Republic's defence force. Led by Wolff Muroa, they control a quarter of the continent within three weeks, taking in citizens and forming the Neo Zenebas Empire. Snipe Master
Glaive Quama
Dark Spiner
Killer Dome
F4, M
12/2101 Just seven weeks after their invasion, the Eisen Dragoon controls most of the Central Continent. Wolff invades the Republic capital, not realising President Camford is actually Elena, daughter of Zenebas and his own aunt. Camford escapes in a Saberlion, which narrowly escapes a pursuit force of Guntigers. However, when pilot Tommy Paris checks the hatch where Camford was hiding, it is open and empty, except for a few documents. Saberlion
F4, M
winter 2101 A Republic scout force finds a girl living in the Central Mountain Range who possesses the Mask of Zenebas. It is the proof of inheritance of the Zenebas throne, thought to have been lost 50 years ago. However, the girl turns out to be the son of a Zenebas bodyguard, rather than a descendant of Zenebas and heir to the Neo Zenebas Empire. W, M
1/2102 The surviving remnants of the Republic army return to the Central Continent, hiding in the Central Mountain Range and working on a new Zoid whose blueprints were left behind in the Saberlion. Rudolph and Schubaltz take control of the few Guylos survivors, while the citizens of the Central Continent come to accept their new Neo Zenebas rulers. F4
2103 Investigating the Republic remnants on the Western Continent, a Sturm Tyrann pilot from Neo Zenebas encounters an old Guylos acquaintance in a Raven Raptor. They fight but are interrupted by a custom Gojulasgiga, and must work together to defeat it. W, M
2104 The Republic develops a handful of Zoids using the new Blox System, which allows Zoids to combine or exchange parts. Soon after, the Neo Zenebas Empire creates the completely autonomous Chimera BLOX. However, the fighting instincts of the Chimeras soon override their programming, causing them to attack indiscriminately, and they can evolve themselves by taking in the cores and equipment of enemies. Leoblaze
autumn 2105 The Black Dragoon, led by ace pilot Genius Deldaros in a Stealth Stinger, launches an assault on a secret Republic base in the mountains. Frozen by Dark Spiners, none of the Republic Zoids can fight back except for a single Gojulas The Ogre. They consider self-destructing the almost-finished Gojulasgiga, as its anti-jamming armour is still incomplete, but the Ogre manages to defeat all the Dark Spiners and the Gojulasgiga wipes out the Black Dragoon. Elsewhere, the Diablotiger arrives from the future to battle the ancient Cyclops and a Republic pilot uses a custom Salamander to oppose the Lord Gale. Gojulasgiga
Buster Eagle
X1, M
winter 2106 The Neo Zenebas Empire reintroduces the Dimetrodon, further increasing their strength in electronic warfare. The Republic army responds by bringing back the Gorhecks, whose Crystal Radar can neutralise the Empire's jamming waves. Lord Gale X2, X3, M
spring 2106 The Republic army begins its counterattack, invading Cook Fortress while the Empire is distracted by empty Guylos carriers arriving. Protected from jamming by the Gorhecks and surrounded by a guard unit of Arosaurers, the Gojulasgiga easily defeats the Empire forces, even a Death Saurer, and captures the fortress. Meanwhile, the Empire introduces manned BLOX Zoids such as the Lord Gale and Deantler to control the smaller Chimera BLOX. The Republic uses Rob Herman's disappearance during an anti-jamming armour test as an excuse to create a "memorial force" containing the Heavy Arms König Wolf. Deantler X4, X5, M
summer 2106 The Neo Zenebas Empire completes the Seismosaurus, whose Super-Focused Charged Particle Cannon (nicknamed the Zenebas Cannon) can destroy the Gojulasgiga from a great distance. Completely defeated, the remnants of the Republic army flee to the Eastern Continent where they find ZOITEC, the corporation that invented the Blox System and originally supplied it to both countries. Fearing an invasion by the Empire, ZOITEC decides to support only the Republic. Seismosaurus
X6, M
2107 The Republic army returns to the Central Continent with a new Zoid army created by ZOITEC. A group of Ligerzero Phoenix invades the heavily-guarded Chimaera Fortress City, defeating the army of Chimera BLOX inside. When a Seismosaurus appears, they sacrifice themselves to protect the Republic's trump card: the Gairyuki, based on a Tyrannosaurus-type wild Zoid offered by the Guylos Empire. Although the Republic succeeds in capturing the city, their attempt to capture the Seismosaurus is stopped by the new Energy Liger. Gairyuki
Energy Liger
X7, X8, X9, M
10/2108 Anticipating a Republic attack, the Empire has built a fortress full of Chimera Zoids next to Wilson River, which blocks the way to the Republic capital Helic City. However, it is unprepared for the Republic's new transforming Zoid, the Leogator, and soon falls. Leogator X10
11/2108 The Republic army captures Mount Arthur, an important strategic point close to Helic City, with the help of the transforming Dimetroptera. Dimetroptera X11
spring 2109 The Helic Republic sends their entire remaining army into a final battle with the Neo Zenebas Empire to regain Helic City. Emperor Wolff Muroa is ambushed by the Ray Force, but his custom Energy Liger easily defeats Ray Gregg's Zero Phoenix. Ray is saved by the arrival of the Jet Falcon, a Zoid developed for the Empire by ZOITEC but later offered to the Republic instead. The Zero Falcon stabs the Energy Liger's core, but its Energy Charger continues to produce power with nowhere for it to go, threatening to explode and wipe out both armies just like Prozen's Death Saurer. However, Wolff and Ray work together to divert the energy into the Zero Falcon, saving the two armies and providing hope that the war might finally come to an end. Jet Falcon X12
2109 The Isurugi brothers use their Shadow Arm Lizards to investigate the mad scientist Zalca and his new Death Stinger ZS on Nicaidos Island. M

Date Events New Zoids Source
5/2230 In Blue City on the Eastern Continent, Zoids are used only for constructive purposes and entertainment, and tournament pilots called Zi-Fighters are constantly searching for the strongest Zoids. ZOITEC manages to obtain the cores of three legendary tiger-type Zoids, but when they try to construct the first one, they are forced to divide it into two Zoids (capable of combining) to keep it from overloading. Whitz Wolf
M, D
6/2230 Rival company Zi-Arms learns of the tiger cores and attacks ZOITEC with their own fusion Zoid, the Decalto Dragon. ZOITEC's new Zoids combine into Whitz Tiger to oppose it, but the control system quickly overloads and the Decalto Dragon escapes, kidnapping ZOITEC's director. Death Raser
M, D
7/2230 In order to rescue their director, ZOITEC hurriedly constructs the second legendary tiger, Rayse Tiger, and sends it to invade the Whale King that acts as the flying fortress of Zi-Arms. However, with the director's knowledge and the red tiger core, Zi-Arms has already completed the final legendary tiger Zoid, the Brastle Tiger... Rayse Tiger
Brastle Tiger
M, D
8/2230 Zi-Arms has also created the Mega Death Saurer, planning to equip it with the three tiger cores and make it the strongest Zoid in history. However, the Mega Death Saurer runs wild, and the three tigers are forced to join forces in order to defeat it. X16, D
the far future In the Beith Republic, Zoids are used for constructive purposes as well as in illegal tournaments. Despite using only Blox Zoids, the Republic plans to outlaw the Changemize technology that allows them to combine. However, the Dynas Empire discovers the Changemize technology and sends their new Groundrago to attack the Republic capital. Unable to fight it alone, the Republic's Zoids fuse into the Bitegriffon, but the Groundrago separates, cornering it. When the Empire learns of "the arrival of an unexpected enemy", the Groundrago withdraws to their mobile fortress. Both sides begin excavating the cores of "legendary" ancient Zoids and placing them into Neo Blox bodies, allowing them to form even stronger fusions such as the Valkyrie Caesar, which was sent on a mission to recover the Republic capital... Bravejaguar
LB Gojulas
LB Red Horn


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