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  • Leon35

    A new admin?

    July 24, 2012 by Leon35

    As many of you may know, I am not around a lot anymore. I do the occcasional check up and make sure no one is being a vandal, or I make a grammer fix here and there, but I do not do much of anything around here as of late. We have 5 moderators, but 3, including myself, are rarely active anymorez. Plus, I have noticed that Sylvn and Azimuth have really been putting in a lot of work around here, as well as the rest of you, and it really isn't fair to youall that you are 1 person short. I don't know why it is a hardly come to edit; maybe I have lost alot of interest in wikis, maybe I am just a lazy bum, and other times it seems as of I am just too busy.

    As I said, we have 5 mods; 2 head admins and 3 normal ones. That is the way things have bee…

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  • Leon35

    Returning, Fighting

    March 12, 2012 by Leon35

    Hello everyone. I have been rather inactive for a few moths now, with minimal side edits here and there, and a few recent inputs from Zoids community members across ZP have inspired me to become more active in the Zoids Wiki Community effort. Times have changed alot for me though; I dont have as much free time as I did when I 1st started to edit here, so more active is mor elike less inactive. My main priorities will be to update everything HMM, correct some of the last remianing errors still present on this wiki, and to continue to keep our site clean and happy

    I also see that alot of other users are making comebacks as well, how funny. ;)

    Now you could imagine my suprise that upon returning to the wiki, I see that Holow Ichigo has returned, …

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  • Leon35

    Zoids Puzzles

    March 20, 2010 by Leon35

    I should have posted this a long time ago, but I always forget or I am too damned lazy to do it. Anyway, a few months ago, I was in town with my brother and mother and we stopped our local Duncun Donuts/Baskin Robins which is in the same shopping center (strip mall, whatever you want to call it) as a pharmacy, a laundramat, a blockbuster, a pizza place, a chinese food place, and a school supplies store. The pharmacy is the key thing here. Before we leave the shopping center, i look at the pharmacy and think to myself, "I remember when I used to go in there as a child and by Hotwheels cars and toothpaste with my mom" then, i realized something. i always remembered seeing old toys that i had never seen in other toy stores before in that very…

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  • Leon35

    Hello. This is my 1st blog post so bare with me. I thought i would try and evaluate what 2010 would be like for us zoiders. I have divided this into 3 catagories; Good, Bad, Unknown and OK and Lets get to it shall we?

    • HMM has exceded expectations and is doing far better than anyone originaly thought it would. TT took a big risk breaking off from standard zoids, especialy with the prices of those things, but they did it. Kudos to the HMM partnership w/ TT and its succes finacialy among the zoid community. Also look foward to a whole new year of HMM kits like Red Horn and Great Zaber! more to come from them!
    • Although the moment will be a brief part of zoid history, Blitz Panther is this year's ZOIDSPOISON grand prize! good luck all of u!
    • We hav…

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