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  • Moviejunkie2009

    Today twelve years ago Zoids Wiki was founded by Hayers. At that time the Zoids fandom was not really thriving as Zoids: Genesis has ended over a year ago, leading to a twelve-year hiatus, which ultimately ended last year thanks to Zoids: Wild. As well there has been no new Zoids season in the western world since 2003. Next year will most likely be the first time for almost seventeen years, where a new season is going to enter the western markets. This wiki likely has been mostly quiet over the twelve years since its foundation, but now we can hope that it will be far more crowded when it celebrates its thirteenth anniversary next year. Earlier this year Zane T 69, Sylvanelite and I have adopted this wiki and since then worked hard to keep…

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  • Moviejunkie2009

    A few things

    September 28, 2019 by Moviejunkie2009

    There have been some news about Zoids Wild Zero, I'd like to share. First of, there has been another trailer yesterday. I will add it to the right rail. As well this guide just lists the English dub of Zoids Wild to be 26 22-minute episodes. Let's hope that doesn't mean that Hasbro just has dubbed 26 episodes or made the same thing which happened to the English dub of LBX. Furthermore the title of the first episode seems to be "Birth! Beast Liger!" I will go ahead and make an article about it. We now just have to wait another six days until the new season starts. See you then!

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