Sylvanelite Sylvanelite 5 January

Happy Birthday New Century

Happy Birthday to Zoids New Century.

Today is 20 years since the show first started airing in Japan.

New Century is a much beloved show, and for many was their first foray into Zoids on TV.

It's a personal favourite of mine, and is amazingly high quality for a show that's now 20 years old. The fun battles of this series are something I always enjoy.

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Sylvanelite Sylvanelite 13 August 2020

1000th Article

Just now the Zoids Wiki hit 1000 pages!

The Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast article is the 1000th page on this wiki.

While that number may change as new articles get created, and others may be removed for cleanups, it's good to see healthy growth in the Wiki.

After being stable for a long time, there's been a huge surge in the number of pages on this wiki in the last few years, naturally this is due to the release of Zoids: Wild and the subsequent models, games, anime, etc.

I normally don't pay attention to the number of articles on the wiki, but I just happened to catch it when making this new page.

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Sylvanelite Sylvanelite 5 September 2019

Happy Birthday Chaotic Century

Just a short blog post to shout out to Zoids Chaotic Century.

The Anime just turned 20 years old (based on first airing in Japan)

Such a great show.

I may as well shout out to all the Zoids fans who have edited this wiki in the past/present. It’s good to see after 20 years, people still love Zoids.

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Sylvanelite Sylvanelite 30 May 2019

CGI Notes

Notes while composing a list of official renders:

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Sylvanelite Sylvanelite 16 May 2019

Battle Story Cleanup Notes

Just random notes about Battle Story for my own reference later. It will likely be made into an article at some point.


  • Battle_Story
  • Zoids_Battle_Story_(publication)
  • New Zoids Battle Story (publication)
  • Three Tigers (Battle Story)
  • The Zoids File
  • Battle_Story:_Before_the_unification_of_the_Central_Continent
  • Battle_Story:_Central_Continent_Wars
  • Battle_Story:_The_Intercontinental_War
  • Battle Story: Catastrophe on Planet Zi
  • Battle Story: Western Continental War


  • ZAC 1800 - ZAC 1959 "Before the unification of the Central Continent"
  • ZAC 1978 - ZAC 2030 "The First Age of Wars on the Central Continent"
  • ZAC 2031 - ZAC 2039 "The Second Age of Wars on the Central Continent"
  • ZAC 2041 - ZAC 2051 "The Third Age of Wars on the Central Continent"
  • ZAC 2051…
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